ID: 570014
Splat Fisher's Chair
KR name: 텀벙텀벙 낚시 의자
Attack (AP): 0~0

Defense (DP): 0

Accuracy: 0

Evasion: 0

Damage Reduction: 0

Weight: 1.00 LT
Warehouse Capacity: 0.00 VT

- Cannot be enhanced
- Bound when obtained (Family)
- Personal transaction unavailable
Game shop item
Lifespan: 90d
- Description:
A Splat Fisher's Chair that relieves fatigue from fishing.
You can sit and look forward to a great catch.
- This item's durability cannot be repaired and the chair's effect will not be applied after the chair expires.

Equip Effect: Fishing Mastery +100, Fishing Time -5%

- How to Use
1. Equip the chair and a fishing rod.
2. Cast the rod to automatically sit and start fishing.
3. Press a directional key to get up.
4. Press a directional key or sit and cancel fish button at the same time to get up by disabling fishing mode.
5. You cannot change your main weapon or use certain items when you are sitting in the chair.

- Durability
300 / 300

Normal Enhance:
x 1
Durability Decrease at Fail: 5

Perfect Enhance (100% Chance):
Not Avaiable
Durability Decrease: 0

Next level: - Cron Stone x 0
Total: - Cron Stone x 0

Buy price: -
Sell price: -
Repair price: 100,000
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