ID: 49002
Ship License: Sail Boat
KR name: 선박 등록증: 범선
icon License
Weight: 0.00 LT
Weight limit: 1,260.00 LT
Durability: 30,000
Lifespan: 0

Bound when obtained
– Description:
Proof of ownership of a Sailboat, allowing you to retrieve it at a Wharf.
You can use this item if you are at least Lv. 8.

※ How to Use
1. Press {TextBind:CLICK_ON_RMB_ONLY} on this item and follow the guide to the Wharf.
2. Talk to the Wharf Manager and select the Wharf menu.
3. Select the Register Ship menu and press on this item.
4. Enter the mount's name and press Confirm to register.
5. Select the registered mount and select the Take Out menu.

– Can be retrieved from guild storage by: Guild Master

※ This item will be deleted if you leave or disband a Guild or a Clan, or if you're no longer a War Hero.
Summons NPC:
- Sail Boat
Buy price: 1,000,000
Sell price: 10,000

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