ID: 44990
Global Lab Awakening Weapon Appearance Box
KR name: 검은사막 연구소 각성무기 의상 상자
icon Special Items
Weight: 0.10 LT

Bound when obtained
Exclusive: Warrior, Ranger, Sorceress, Berserker, Tamer, Musa, Maehwa, Valkyrie, Kunoichi, Ninja, Dark Knight, Wizard, Witch
– Description:
Contains a box of class-specific skin.
Press RMB to obtain a skin suitable for your class.
If you sell the item you obtained from this box at the Central Market, it will be taxed.
Warrior = Crown Eagle Great Sword
Sorceress = Crown Eagle Scythe
Ranger = Crown Eagle Kamasylven Sword
Berserker = Crown Eagle Iron Buster
Tamer = Crown Eagle Celestial Bo Staff
Musa = Crown Eagle Crescent Blade
Valkyrie = Crown Eagle Lancia
Maehwa = Crown Eagle Kerispear
Witch = Crown Eagle Aad Sphera
Wizard = Crown Eagle Godr Sphera
Ninja = Crown Eagle Sura Katana
Kunoichi = Crown Eagle Sah Chakram
Dark Knight = Crown Eagle Vediant

You will get a box suitable for your class.

Buy price: 100
Market Price: N/A

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