ID: 44959
Black Abyssal Weapon Box
KR name: 검은 장막의 무기 상자
icon Special Items
Weight: 0.10 LT

– Bound when obtained (Family)
– Description:
A box containing a weapon obtained by helping Hakan Derk defeat giant lava monsters.
You can obtain a Black Abyssal Weapon suitable to your class.
You'll get a Black Abyssal Main Weapon suitable for your class.
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Anonymous 12-11-2017 20:13

Есть в России уже всё) с переводом

Spielkind 7-01-2018 21:55

Can be completed only 1x with each account!
The weapons are like a PRI Weapon, pretty strong, and with a special look.
Good as a startweapon for a new class.

Hal42 6-07-2018 04:30

It can also be turned back into a box to be opened on a different class once a week.

Spielkind 6-07-2018 04:32

oh cool

Spielkind 8-01-2018 00:18

Lahns weapon could be this:

Sanme 2-07-2019 07:39

No las tiren ya que no se pueden recuperar

SonicwaveZ 21-01-2020 22:15

How can I acquire the black abbyssal weapon for my warrior I've done the level 55 quest step but still nothing happened

FellowJavFan 28-03-2020 17:50

it seems that you can now get it for every class instead of just 1 per family

FellowJavFan 28-03-2020 18:58

used to be this quest (only once per family)
now it is for every class


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