ID: 44294
[Guild] Indomitable Flag
KR name: [길드] 불퇴의 깃발
icon Installation
Weight: 10.00 LT
Lifespan: 4h

Bound when obtained
– Description:
Install an outpost at your current location.
Guild members in a territory with an outpost
can be revived at the outpost upon death.

Installed by: Guild Members

※ Only applied to the same server where the outpost is installed.
※ Only one outpost can be installed at a time.
※ Cannot be used in conquest war forts, Red Battlefield, ancient dungeon, sea, or safe zones.

※ A player must be within a certain range
to be revived at the outpost.
※ Outposts are vulnerable to enemy attacks.
※ Cannot be installed or used if your employment contract has expired.
Cannot be installed too close to a command post or fort.
Installed Indomitable Flag will be removed after the Siege War. Do you want to install?
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Market Price: N/A
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