ID: 44165
Silver Key
KR name: 은 열쇠
icon General
Weight: 0.30 LT

Bound when obtained
– Description:
A silver key for a Treasure Chest. If Gardaka's hidden Golden Treasure Chest appears in this world, you can open it by using a Gold Key, which can be Exchanged with silver keys from the Crow Merchants Guild's Morco.

- How to Obtain:

- Exchange 100: 1 Gold Key
(Press RMB for detailed location)
Buy price: 50,000
Sell price: 2,000
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Anonymous 2-05-2017 16:46

how and where do you farm these?

Diablo 2-05-2017 17:50

You can get a lot of them from fishing.

Anonymous 3-05-2017 06:17

thanks! any specific spot?

Spielkind 12-05-2017 12:28

Is fishing the only way to get the silver key?


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