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Gardaka's Treasure Map
KR name: 가르다카의 보물 지도
icon Consumable
Weight: 0.02 LT

– Bound when obtained (Character)
– Description:
A note with an enigmatic message pointing a specific location.
"Oh, Cantusa! My great warrior! Beyond space and time, I stand here today looking down on the valley of your blood!"

- Press RMB to accept the Desert Treasure Excavation Quest.
You are going to accept Gardaka's Treasure Quest. The items will not be returned even if you forfeit the Quest. Accept the Quest?
Usage effect:
Gardaka's Treasure Map
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Anonymous 16-10-2017 19:24

You'll find the treasure by digging at the indicated location in Oasis of time - here


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ID   Title Level CLASS GRADE
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