ID: 43826
Gardaka's Treasure Map
KR name: 가르다카의 보물 지도
icon Consumable
Weight: 0.02 LT

– Bound when obtained (Character)
– Description:
A note with an enigmatic message pointing a specific location.
"Underneath the lonely lamp, lighting the sand, what do I sing for? Among all blue skins that are fallen off like a fragment, one painful nail that is the farthest from me."

- Press RMB to accept the Desert Treasure Excavation Quest.
You are going to accept Gardaka's treasure quest. The items will not be returned even if you forfeit the quest. Accept the quest?
Usage effect:
Gardaka's Treasure Map
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Market Price: N/A
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Anonymous 28-08-2017 21:56

RU version has a different hint (Google Translation)

"The natives do not lag behind! Probably not worth stealing their shrine." Damn, how aching are the feet ... Where am I? Tomb of the martyrs? I'll bury everything here, and I'll come back later. "We must somehow escape the chase ..."

Edit: Location in the link


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