ID: 42497
Energy of Lakiaro
KR name: 라키아로의 기운
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Weight: 0.00 LT

– Bound when obtained (Family)
– Description:
Collect Energy of Lakiaro to exchange it for Dim Tree Spirit's Armor or Memory Fragment.

Collect 5 or more Energy of Lakiaro to start a quest from NPC Valentine in Florin to bring him Energy of Lakiaro x100. As a reward, you will receive Dim Tree Spirit's Armor.
After completing the quest from Valentine, you can continue to exchange Energy of Lakiaro with Valentine: Exchange Energy of Lakiaro x1 for Memory Fragment x1.

Press RMB for NPC Location
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Luxienna 28-11-2018 14:48

added in todays patch on EU i guess. Lakiaro added too

So time to gather some dimtree armors!


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