ID: 42490
Shadow Break Scroll
KR name: 그림자 제거 주문서
icon Special Items
Weight: 0.02 LT

– Bound when obtained (Character)
– Description:
Summons Sor when used within its designated spawn location.

※If you are unable to defeat the boss, you can attempt to complete the Quest again after joining another adventurer's party.
※Another Summon Scroll can't be used while a boss is present.
※A party cannot be formed while summoning a boss.
※Only the party leader can summon the boss.
※The party leader can't be delegated if the boss has already been summoned.
※If you fail to defeat the boss in 30 minutes, it will disappear. The boss will also vanish if not engaged in combat for a span of 2 minutes at any point after being summoned.
※There's no penalty for death while fighting the boss.
Usage effect:
Summon Boss (Sol) (Quest)
Buy price: 0
Market Price: N/A
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Anonymous 19-11-2017 17:49

Essa quest está com problemas, é necessário realizar a quest "Ponto Fraco da Lenda Viva" para conseguir o item "Canhão divino de Elion", porem ao termina-la o NPC Brorum não entregou o item, sendo assim quanto invoca o "Pergaminho de Remoção de Sombra" o boss ele não morre!, vi muitas pessoas com esse mesmo problema! Alguem também está com esse problema?

Anonymous 23-11-2017 15:23

Eu tmb não ganhei o item :(


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