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Sisha of Fire
KR name: 불의 시샤
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– Bound when obtained (Character)
– Description:
An Illezra Sacrament imbued with fire's essence. It used to belong to Yaak the Ring Finger of the Five Rings of Illezra. It is engraved with a bit of crooked handwriting.

"My body was nothing but a shell. It was Lady Illezra who made me whole. My power is now solely for her and her master plan of the new world order."
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Anonymous 15-12-2017 21:06

le villageois dans la mine de fer vous envois a tarif chercher un livre volant.
Le livre vous envois a la mine de lave chercher une chicha du feu qui se trouve comme sur la photo dans un petit trou de lave.

Xiten 18-01-2018 20:05

NOTE: It costs 100 energy to attain this.


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