ID: 42417
Mark of a Secret Organization
KR name: 비밀 점조직의 표식
icon Consumable
Weight: 0.02 LT

– Bound when obtained (Character)
– Description:
Carried by the members of a secret organization for overthrowing Valencia. You remembered hearing that Marzana at Ibellab Oasis put some prize money on this organization.

※ Press RMB to accept the quest.
※ Available for Lv. 55 and up
You'll accept the quest [Daily] Mark of a Secret Organization.

※ The quest will automatically start by using the item. You may give up the quest any time, but you cannot retrieve the quest initiation item. Do you want to accept the quest now?
Usage effect:
Mark of a Secret Organization (Quest Start)
Buy price: N/A
Sell price: N/A
Repair price: N/A
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Spielkind 5-09-2018 18:25
In Hystria you dropp this:

It unlock this Quest:

In Aakman you dropp this:
That unlock this Quest:

Both Quests are daily repeatable, you can safe the items in like sandgrain bazar and do the quest every day without farming the dungeons everyday.

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