ID: 40711
Markthanan's Gland
KR name: 마크타난의 독선
icon General
Weight: 1.00 LT

– Bound when obtained (Family)
– Description:
Bloodred gland as tough as the greed of Markthanan, the notorious black dragon that burnt Drieghan to ashes.
It appears to be an extremely rare item. There might be someone who knows more about this item.
Buy price: N/A
Sell price: N/A
Repair price: N/A
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Wikibrains 29-04-2020 15:08

Anyone has any idea about the drop rate of the item? I stopped counting on the second great marni stone that i filled there.

Darkhawk 23-05-2020 11:16

2 great Marni stones are nothing if you are farming for a item. This is like a compass piece. 0.005% probly or lower drop chance.

Crash207 4-05-2020 23:30

Можно получить, выбив с монстров в Руинах Тширы в Дригане. (Корейский игрок выбил итемку на ноде Руины Тширы прокаченного до 8 уровня, нафармив 129184 итемов).

torenxx 17-05-2020 13:18

I killed about 250,000 mobs and collected 783,121 trashes and I'm still waiting for this item

Rincewind 8-07-2020 20:04
Prawdziwy 23-02-2021 12:16

node level 10 + arsha server (no scrolls)
North-West spot (near road)

msak2545 13-03-2021 17:35

Node Level 10 + Drop normal scroll + Normal Server


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