ID: 17442
Book of Combat (1 Day)
KR name: 전투의 서(1일)
icon Consumable
Weight: 0.00 LT
Lifespan: 1d
Warehouse Capacity: 0.30 VT

Bound when obtained
- Personal transaction unavailable
- Description:
Press RMB to get Combat EXP +100% and Skill EXP +50% for 24 hours. This effect cannot be overlapped with Extra Combat/Skill EXP Scrolls.
- Cooldown: 1 hr
You can transfer this item to another Character in your Family through Storage, Mount Inventory, etc.
Usage effect:
Book of Combat (Combat EXP 100%, Skill EXP 50%)

Buy price: 5,000,000coin
Sell price: -
Repair price: -

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ID   Title Level CLASS GRADE
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