ID: 17354
Value Pack (30 Days)
icon Consumable
Weight: 0.10 LT
Lifespan: --

Bound when obtained
- Description:
Provides the following benefits for 30 days:
Inventory Expansion +16 slots
Storage Expansion +16 slots
Combat/Skill/Life/Mount EXP +10%
Distant Node Investment (Consumes 10 Energy)
Max Weight Limit +200 LT
+30% Marketplace Sales upon Silver Collection(Excluding Pearl Items)
Unlimited Use of Merv's Palette
Unlimited Beauty Salon
Value Pack buffs do not stack with each other.

The item's effect will start when opened.

Do you want to continue?
Usage effect:
NA - Value Pack (30 Days)
Summons NPC:

Buy price: 0
Market Price: N/A

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ID   Title Types Quest Rewards
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