ID: 14017
Skilled Trader's Clothes
KR name: 숙련 무역상의 옷
Attack (AP): 0~0

Defense (DP): 1

Accuracy: 0

Evasion: 0

Damage Reduction: 1

Weight: 1.50 LT
Warehouse Capacity: 10.00 VT

- Cannot be enhanced
- Bound when obtained (Family)
- Personal transaction unavailable
- Wearable from Trade Apprentice 5
- Description:
Casual clothes for a trader. When equipped, you will gain 2 extra chances at the Bargain mini-game.

※ If you use an Equipment Tailoring Coupon, you will get the same item as a costume.

If you exchange it for a costume, you cannot register it on the Central Market.

Item Effect
Luck +1
Trading EXP +5%

- Durability
100 / 100

Normal Enhance:
x 1
Durability Decrease at Fail: 0

Perfect Enhance (100% Chance):
Not Avaiable
Durability Decrease: 0

Next level:
- Cron Stone x 0
- Cron Stone x 0

Buy price: 300,000coin
Sell price: 90,000
Repair price: 90,000
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ID   Title Level HP Defense (DP) Evasion XP Skill XP Karma
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