ID: 12034
Rich Merchant's Ring
KR name: 거상의 반지
icon Consumable
Weight: 0.30 LT

Bound when obtained
– Description:
A ring made by combining pieces of the Rich Merchant's Ring. Having this ring in possession increases the amount of Silver collected from the Central Market.

※ Effect: Market Silver Collection +5%
Usage effect:
Rich Merchant's Ring (Market Silver Collection +5%)
Buy price: 400,000,000
Market Price: N/A
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Anonymous 5-09-2016 09:03

Где такое можно встретить?

Anonymous 9-11-2016 01:58

Слышала, что на корее есть квест на мобов в руинах гистрии за который дают это кольцо. На ру ещё мб не включен.

Anonymous 22-01-2017 18:19

Спасибо=) Разобрался.
Где падают думаю не трудно догадаться.

Anonymous 30-01-2017 21:14

Где же они падают, если не секрет?

Anonymous 2-03-2017 08:25

Что такое имя задания?

Anonymous 23-02-2017 08:06

Anyone have more info on this?

Anonymous 25-02-2017 14:10

Pattern needed to create the ring:

Ring pieces obtained from a quest in Valencia. Not available in EU/NA yet.

Anonymous 2-03-2017 07:50

Any quest names or leads to what is required for the quest?

Anonymous 4-03-2017 03:01

Not available in EU/NA yet. (The whole thing isn't in NA/EU version)

Anonymous 4-03-2017 04:20

As per above conversations I'm well aware. More information like NPC, Quest name, what's required to do the quest. All of this is knowledge that will help in the future.

Anonymous 4-03-2017 05:02

No information of those

Anonymous 4-03-2017 05:34

The Russians above mentioned a quest in Valencia.

Anonymous 5-03-2017 20:18

It's believed to be a quest in Hystria Ruins.

Anonymous 29-03-2017 06:17

where did you hear this?

Anonymous 29-03-2017 04:07

It's not a drop from quests... otherwise it would flood the entire game.

it's a drop from the merchant that walks around the desert, the drop rate is the same as permanent map pieces/compass pieces.

only the merchant drops it so far, not sure if the guards drops the parts or if the parts are all different.

btw if you attack the merchant/guards your karma will drop.

Anonymous 16-05-2017 03:09

This picture is actually fake

Anonymous 16-05-2017 21:18


Anonymous 7-06-2017 19:22

I was google image searching more information on the ring, and I found the exact same picture but instead of the ring piece it was another gold bar, upon further inspection in photoshop you can see it's photoshopped :( I'll look for the original on my computer. But this picture is simply a fake that Envy thinks is real

Anonymous 5-07-2017 02:16

Anonymous 5-07-2017 02:15
Here is the original. Your picture is one cooked up by a Korean and it's fake. I brought it into photoshop and this is the original, and YES you can get 2 stacks of gold bars from one loot, I have done it before. Blow both of these images up in photoshop and you will see they are the same one.

Anonymous 5-08-2017 11:59

Yeah looking closely at the pictures you can see from the fake one that the bottom of the tick behind the ring piece is missing.

Anonymous 7-06-2017 13:42

Why does it say its in EU/NA? I still cant attack the merchants, why is that?

Anonymous 7-06-2017 19:19

you have to flag up

Anonymous 25-11-2017 18:58

This content belongs to Valencia2 update?

Anonymous 27-11-2017 15:17

Yes, but the ring is current unobtainable since only 1 of the parts that can drop, all the other parts are not droppable/obtainable.


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