ID: 110124
Birthday Cake
KR name: 생일 케이크
icon Installable Object
Weight: 0.00 LT
Housing Points: 200

Bound when obtained
– Durability
1 / 1

– Description:
Celebrate with a birthday cake at your residence. Combat/Skill/Life EXP +100% for 24 hr
- Cannot be stacked with any existing furniture buffs.
Usage effect:
Happy Birthday
Buy price: N/A
Sell price: N/A
Repair price: N/A
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Spielkind 16-08-2018 05:01

Can be obtained 1 year after playing BDO, old players get it after logging in.
There is also one for the BDO Birthday:


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Added by Spielkind (16-08-2018)

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