ID: 10432
icon Everlasting Herb
Gatherable object
EXP: 1024

- Description:
The Everlasting Herb is a very rare medicinal herb that takes a long time to grow and only grows in the most difficult to find places.

Raise your gathering skill level to increase the chance of collecting rare materials.
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DemiLuna 5-05-2016 13:44

This was a pain! I did finally find one though!

Anonymous 12-12-2016 05:41

respwan time around 3-3.5h

Anonymous 3-06-2017 12:17

just found an everlasting herb not sure if i gathered it from an everlasting herb or a wild herb though

the location i gathered it from is not listed here but it is only listed as gatherable from everlasting herb gatherables


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