Elastic Force I Seizing Fear I Fearsome Tyrant II Fearsome Tyrant III Storming Beast II Storming Beast III Smack Down II Smack Down III Smack Down IV Undertaker II Undertaker III Headbutt II Tackling Rock II Tackling Rock III Shake Off II Fierce Strike II Fierce Strike III Fierce Strike IV Fierce Strike V Frenzied Destroyer II Frenzied Destroyer III Frenzied Destroyer IV Frenzied Destroyer V Frenzied Destroyer VI Predatory Hunt II Predatory Hunt III Predatory Hunt IV Raging Thunder II Raging Thunder III Raging Thunder IV Raging Thunder V Raging Thunder VI Elastic Force II Elastic Force III Elastic Force IV Headbutt III Headbutt IV Shake Off III Shake Off IV Flow: Boulder Crash Flow: Final Strike Flow: Beastly Maneuver I Flow: Beastly Maneuver II Flow: Beastly Instincts Flow: Stone Bash Flow: Tearer Flow: Beastly Maneuver III Flow: Predator's Avarice Flow: Unseen Force Wrath of Beast I Wrath of Beast II Wrath of Beast III Ire of Beast I Ire of Beast II Ire of Beast III Beast Roar I Beast Roar II Beast Roar III Awakening: Tantu's Iron Buster Buster Training I Buster Training II Buster Training III Buster Training IV Buster Training V Buster Training I Buster Training II Buster Training III Buster Training IV Buster Training V Blasting I Blasting II Blasting III Blasting IV Ground Lifting I Ground Lifting II Ground Lifting III Devastation I Devastation II Devastation III Devastation IV Giant Leap I Giant Leap II Giant Leap III Titan Blow I Titan Blow II Titan Blow III Titan Blow IV Flame Buster I Flame Buster II Flame Buster III Titan Syndrome Titan Step Flow: Slugfest Rooting Flow: General Disarray Flow: Earth Dividing Flow: Jump Sequence Flow: Ancient Wave Flow: Shooting Mobility Flow: Split Shot Flow: Ancient Power Feral Rage Feral Stampede Wailing Beast Axe of Destruction Absolute: Fearsome Tyrant Absolute: Storming Beast Absolute: Smack Down Absolute: Undertaker Absolute: Headbutt Absolute: Tackling Rock Absolute: Fierce Strike Absolute: Frenzied Destroyer Absolute: Predatory Hunt Absolute: Raging Thunder Absolute: Elastic Force Absolute: Falling Rock Absolute: Rock Smash Absolute: Weakling Hunt Absolute: Corpse Storm Absolute: Beastly Wind Slash Absolute: Wrath of Beast Absolute: Ire of Beast Absolute: Beast Roar Black Spirit: Devastation I Black Spirit: Devastation II Black Spirit: Devastation III Black Spirit: Devastation IV Black Spirit: Titan Blow I Black Spirit: Titan Blow II Black Spirit: Titan Blow III Black Spirit: Titan Blow IV Black Spirit: Flow: Slugfest Black Spirit: Fearsome Tyrant I Black Spirit: Fearsome Tyrant II Black Spirit: Fearsome Tyrant III Black Spirit: Absolute: Fearsome Tyrant Black Spirit: Raging Thunder I Black Spirit: Raging Thunder II Black Spirit: Raging Thunder III Black Spirit: Raging Thunder IV Black Spirit: Raging Thunder V Black Spirit: Raging Thunder VI Black Spirit: Absolute: Raging Thunder Black Spirit: Giant Leap I Black Spirit: Giant Leap II Black Spirit: Giant Leap III Black Spirit: Flame Buster I Black Spirit: Flame Buster II