Ultimate Luck Shoes of Fortuna Letusa's Helmet Letusa's Armor Letusa's Gloves Letusa's Shoes Lemoria Helmet Lemoria Armor Lemoria Gloves Lemoria Shoes Kydict Helmet Kydict Armor Kydict Gloves Kydict Shoes Griffon's Helmet Crude Gloves Brior Shoes Brior Helmet Brior Gloves Brior Armor Basteer Helmet Basteer Armor Basteer Gloves Basteer Shoes Binder Helmet Binder Armor Binder Gloves Binder Shoes Ultimate Binder Helmet Ultimate Binder Armor Ultimate Binder Gloves Ultimate Binder Shoes Dim Magical Armor Armor of Concentrated Magical Power Armor of Sealed Magical Power Freed Magical Armor Roaring Magical Armor Cruhorn Helmet Red Orc Armor Ceasar's Gloves Amerigo's Shoes Devourer Helmet Wind Crystal Gloves Veteran Adventurer's Shoes Ultimate Dobart Helmet Ultimate Dobart Armor Ultimate Dobart Gloves Ultimate Dobart Shoes Yuria Necklace Bares Necklace Hesus Necklace Elisha Necklace Kalis Necklace Talis Necklace Ogre Ring Binder Necklace Necklace of Good Deeds Scarla Necklace Bensho's Necklace Ljurik's Necklace Ancient Guardian's Seal Cook's Necklace Fisher's Necklace Trader's Necklace Gatherer's Necklace Trainer's Necklace Hunter's Necklace Alchemist's Necklace Craftsman's Necklace Necklace of Dim Magical Power Necklace of Concentrated Magical Power Necklace of Sealed Magical Power Sicil's Necklace Jarette's Necklace Letusa's Necklace Serap's Necklace Tungrad Necklace Laytenn's Power Stone Necklace of Shultz the Gladiator Necklace of Freed Magic Necklace of Roaring Magic Bareeds III's Golden Necklace (Temp) Bareeds III's Golden Necklace Necklace of Dim Spell Necklace of Concentrated Spell Necklace of Sealed Spell GrĂ¡na Guardian Necklace Asula's Crimson Eye Necklace Eagle's Talon Kaia Necklace Kydict Necklace Root Treant's Petal Necklace Treant Spirit's Cheer Necklace Capotia Necklace Ruby Necklace Resplendent Ruby Necklace Blood Ruby Necklace Dark Blood Ruby Necklace Corrupt Ruby Necklace Sapphire Necklace Resplendent Sapphire Necklace Ocean Sapphire Necklace Translucent Ocean Sapphire Necklace Sapphire Necklace of Storms Topaz Necklace Resplendent Topaz Necklace Gold Topaz Necklace Shining Gold Topaz Necklace Topaz Necklace of Regeneration Emerald Necklace Resplendent Emerald Necklace Forest Emerald Necklace Placid Forest Emerald Necklace Emerald Necklace of Tranquility Diamond Necklace Resplendent Diamond Necklace Star Diamond Necklace Starry Night Diamond Necklace Diamond Necklace of Fortitude Manos Ruby Necklace Manos Sapphire Necklace Manos Topaz Necklace Manos Emerald Necklace Manos Diamond Necklace Yuria Earring Bares Earring Hesus Earring Elisha Earring Kalis Earring Talis Earring Token of Friendship Witch's Earring Binder Earring Mesto Earring Ridell Earring Earring of Dim Magical Power Earring of Concentrated Magical Power Earring of Sealed Magical Power Blue Whale Molar Earring Blue Coral Earring Red Coral Earring Cook's Earring Fisher's Earring Trader's Earring Gatherer's Earring Trainer's Earring Hunter's Earring