Injured Hunter Wailing Cave Yahq’s Teachings To Duvencrune [Repeat] Burning Heritage Ranchini the Liar I Ranchini the Liar II Ranchini the Liar III Ranchini the Liar IV Ranchini the Liar V Ranchini the Liar VI Old Mountain Lover I Old Mountain Lover II An Old Man’s Greed A Son’s Greed [Gathering] Strong Timber [Processing] The Beauty of Planks [Processing] Glossy Plywood [Gathering] The Tears of Trees [Gathering] Ow, My Stomach [Repeat] Missing Shepherd Boy [Repeat] Let’s Play Hide-and-Seek [Repeat] Cute and Delicious Tame Griffons Cut Them All Down Homesickness [Fishing] A Fisher with Big Dreams [Hunting] Tender Meat [Repeat] Dreaded Guanaco [Repeat] Ancient Symbol Winning over the Drieghanese Chief Priestess Camira Ancient Drieghanese Documents Chenga Sherekhan The Return of the Sherekhans Nutritious Llama Meat My Precious Sister Persuading Camira A Promise Between Sisters Worshipers of Garmoth Showing Respect A Soft Heart Leon the Dragon Scholar Leafing through Leaf Keepers I’ve Been Robbed! The Power of Beer The Dragon’s Shadow A Sensitive Crisis Sacred Spring Peace Cave Exploration Supplying Food Signal to Retreat Kindred Spirit Searching for Clues