ID: 4101
Forest's Echo
KR name: 숲의 파동
icon Skill
Class: Shai

Plays a tune with the force of nature which stops enemies from moving.
Shift + F
Hold F to continue playing the instrument
Quick Slot Available
Can be used with florang through Quick Slot

Required Level: 57 or Higher
Required Points: 15
Required Stamina: 100
Cooldown: 6s

- Talent: Melody of Light

Area Damage 1093% x 16 while playing the instrument
Maximum 10 targets
Accuracy Rate +50%
Stiffness on good hits
Super Armor
Stamina is consumed while playing the instrument.
When Sol is enhanced, the effect of musical performance will be increased.
The performance will stop when you move while playing the instrument.
Damage greatly reduced in PvP.


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