ID: 21751
Explosive Stone
Level: 20
HP: 546
Defense (DP): 162
Evasion: 152
Damage Reduction: 10
XP: 16
Skill XP: 50
Karma: 5

- Description:
Explosive Stone
- Description:
A sharp rock commonly found in Drieghan.
The rock is easily broken when applied with outside forces. As it breaks, the pieces fly everywhere, so one must be careful not to hurt their eyes.
- Explosive Stone
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Noxypetalum 22-11-2018 20:25

They're mainly on the cliff roads, and there's not really any places where they're concentrated. Their name doesn't show above their head when the crosshair is on them. There's a few close by Marak Farms on the rocks near the roads.


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Added by Shokora (22-11-2018)
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