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The Annals of Cloran
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Category: Great Desert Expedition Log V

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The Awakened are always at the King's side, and have been recording the history of Valencia.
Those records have been gathered into a history book is known as The Annals of Cloran.
The Annals of Cloran can be found in the libraries and houses of any village so even people who visit Valencia for the first time easily find and read them.
Can be obtained through [Quest] A History of Valencia: The Annals of Cloran
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Mirita 4-10-2023 01:40
READ: Chain quests starting in this guy (1), near the King of Valencia Sahazad Nesser! You will get half the knowledge that you need for "Great Desert Expedition Log V " by doing those quests. The Annals of Cloran its the first knowledge you will get. Other half its the chain quests starting in Valencia in the NPC Tanzine (2). Do all Pilgrim's quests. Get a Compass for the desert. - ( 1 ) - ( 2 )
The other 2 knowledge missing you will get after you do the Black Spirit Quests to enter in Aakman and Hystria starting in Shakatu.

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