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A Talk with Elion.
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Brego Williar, the Supreme Captain Commander of the Delphe Knights, wrote this book based on his conversation with Elion in his dreams.
Can be obtained through [Quest] for Lv. 50 and higher
Elina Leight of the Kalis Council and the apprentice Elionian Priest Balker Batian have a favor to ask.
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Anonymous 26-03-2016 01:33

In front of the house where Lavientia Batian is in. There is a quest: "A Sinner", you just take that quest and talk to the priest before the house to finish it. And you got the knowledge. ^^

Anonymous 20-04-2016 01:57

I did complete this quest but it gave me knowledge for the Theology I section of my journal and not for "A Talk With Elion". In order to get this knowledge I had to do a quest chain and then re-read the book with this name in the library.

The Quest chain to get this knowledge starts at Elina Leight and is called "Goodwife of the Batians" at level > 36. I think there are about 4 or so quests in the chain and after you deliver the handmaid to the central church, it's actually the NPC beside the last turn in for the next part of the chain! Once you get the bit that takes you back to Annolisa you can go back and read the book on the shelves to get the knowledge.

Anonymous 18-07-2016 08:28

a different knowledge but thanks

Anonymous 20-04-2016 08:55

After many hours of search i've done/find the Complete quest line ...

Follow the below questline.

"The Northern Wheat Plantation’s Problems" (from Norma Leight at the Northern Wheat Plantation lvl30+) -> "Mrs. Leight’s Letter of Introduction" ->"The Kindness of Elina Leight"->"Material in an Order"->"What I Can Do"->"Goodwife of the Batians"->"Power of women"->"Balker's Idol"->"A Talk with Elion"


Anonymous 26-05-2017 16:55

I did the same as sneaky, just registered to say thanks! Would never have gotten through without your help. Power of Women ends with the priestess. You have to step to the character standing next to her (Balker) to pick up Balker's Idol. Thanks again!

Anonymous 18-09-2017 12:26

You're a legend!!!!!!

Anonymous 7-10-2017 09:37

I am well above lv 30 but do not see the quest from Norma Leight. I tracked the quest chain all the way back to "Will Loria like it" but is currently stuck on "Chief of Florin". Can you or someone help please?

Anonymous 2-11-2017 09:37

Are you referring to the quest "Goodwife of the Batians"? If so, I'm having the same problem. Can't seem to get the quest with my main or lower level alt... find the solution yet?

Anonymous 29-10-2017 06:58

If you search for Elina Leight to get the quest, there are 2 NPC. The "guide" next mini map will lead you to the wrong one.
Look at map in and go to the right flag.

Anonymous 2-11-2017 09:42

Both Elina Leights, do not give the quest 'Goodwife of the Batians' for me, don't know why gettin frustrated

kelvinis809 26-09-2018 17:16

I got it! at the end of this quest line go back to ( Annolisa Rosie ) she give you the knowledge for 5 energy. thank you!

Leyren 21-10-2019 19:01

Good one. Though not entirely accurate. The quest line from Norma Light up to 'What I can Do' is only needed if you're not Level 50. Otherwise 'Goodwife of the Batians' unlocks just like this. (Which was confusing for me, as I did those, but not the first quests you listed).
You need to talk to Annolisa Rosie after the quests to get the knowledge from her.

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Anonymous 21-04-2016 10:41

Located in Calpheon University library.

Anonymous 2-05-2016 11:54

After you done all quest chain Annolisa Rosie is who gave me that knowledge instead bookshelf.

Anonymous 18-07-2016 08:27

I just registered to thank you guys i really appreciate your help now time to get
Fundamentals of the Valkyrie: Integrity
Fundamentals of the Valkyrie: Service

Anonymous 25-10-2017 21:21

solo tienes que tomar la misión de Balker Batian y luego de terminar la misión en cadena y luego vas a "annolisa rosie" (en la biblioteca) para aprender el conocimiento "una charla con elion" esto es todo!

suemccartin 13-08-2018 01:43

I been messing with this for days, just walked up to annolisa rosie during night cycle and she gave it to me for five energy. no idea if night cycle came into play just glad i finally finished it.


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