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How to Win a War
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Category: Calpheon and Valkyries

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The rules of the civilized world fall by the wayside on the battlefield, where lives are frittered away with each moment wasted.
Winning at all costs--that's the only thing that matters.
Can be obtained through [Interaction]
First Floor of Holy College of Calpheon
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Anonymous 21-04-2016 10:30

Calpheon university.

Anonymous 1-08-2016 04:15

what does that mean? I am in the university but cannot find this knowledge.

Anonymous 1-08-2016 04:17

nvm, it was one of the many bookshelves I had missed reading a book from.

Anonymous 8-02-2017 01:13

The location for the knowledge.

Nightooi 10-02-2019 23:35

enter Through double arch entrence, then nearest bookshelf to the right, in the far corner next to the wall.:D


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