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Fundamentals of the Valkyrie: Service
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Valkyries act as models to all citizens of Calpheon.
They are the shields in times of crisis and the cane in times of peace, always serving the people.
Can be obtained through [Dialogue]
There are two students standing in the corner beside the door next to Annolisa Rosie at the Holy College of Calpheon. What are they talking about?
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Anonymous 26-03-2016 00:54

1 Student just outside the biblio will give you that knowledge!

Anonymous 14-04-2016 12:15

Anonymous 29-07-2016 09:01

These two students

Anonymous 9-08-2016 03:33

Two students, one wearing yellow the other wearing blue.

Anonymous 5-09-2016 05:31

They are in the outside corner of the library

Anonymous 1-11-2017 13:46

Black Desert, Кальфеон и валькирии (Требование Валькирий: Религиозность)


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