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Chenga Sherekhan Doroter
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Category: Drieghan Mythology: Chenga Sherekhan

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Doroter had 99 children during her life.

She raised them with a strong and tender heart, which made her a role model among them.
Also, Doroter's Children made the Sherekhan prosper through generations.

The night before Doroter's ninety-ninth child was born, the rain was falling from the skies and the moon was covered by the clouds.
In the room where another family was expected to be, the cries of the tribes, not the crying of a new life, were heard.
Doroter closed her eyes with the body of the child in her arms, her last words were: "Don't hate each other and lead the tribe with harmony."
Can be obtained through [Quest]
Quests about the Chenga Sherekhans

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