ID: 6666/3
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KR name: 도와주신 김에
icon Quest
Region: Kamasylvia
Category: Town
Type: Character quest
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - Wood for Wagon Repair
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - Carting Wood
Next quest in the chain:
icon - Flower Field

Start NPC:
icon - Soldier
End NPC:
icon - Soldier

- Description:
The soldier at Lake Flondor says that in order to fix his wagon, the Moss Tree Timber must be made into planks. Process the Moss Tree Timber into Moss Tree Plank and give them to the Soldier.

※Open the Processing Tab (L) and select Chopping and then the Moss Tree Timber to make Moss Tree Plank.

Oh you are still here?
Would you like to help me fix my wagon?
Great! I am very grateful.
To fix the wagon, I need wood planks...
Can you use the Moss Tree Timber you brought me
and chop them into Moss Tree Planks?
It shouldn't be too hard!
Please help me?

If you use Processing to Chop Moss Tree Timber
you can convert them into Moss Tree Plank.

Wasn't that simple? These planks are chopped so evenly...
you have very skilled hands! Thank you!

Completion Target: Soldier
- Process Moss Tree Plank
- Give Soldier Moss Tree Plank
Required actions:
Obtain item:
- Moss Tree Plank ( 2)
Give item:
- Moss Tree Plank ( 2) NPC: icon - Soldier

- Contribution EXP (350)

Quest requirements
Level = 56
Finished quest: icon - Carting Wood

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