ID: 5743/2
[Manor] [Daily] Handcrafted Serazad Bedside Table
KR name: [장원][일일] 세라자드 수제 협탁
icon Quest
Region: Valencia
Category: Recurring
Type: Family quest
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - [Manor] [Daily] Handcrafted Serazad Chair

Start NPC:
icon - Dellus
End NPC:
icon - Dellus

- Description:
Dellus says if you bring him Crimson Echo Flower x1 and Spicy Teff Sandwich x50 for the Villa Keepers, he will hand over the bedside table made by Serazad herself.

※ You can obtain Crimson Echo Flowers by completing the "Message" quests through Liam found in every villa.
※ Spicy Teff Sandwich can be obtained via Cooking or from the Central Market.

What leads you back to these parts?
You heard about the bedside table made by Serazad herself?
It's actually not that hard to make,
in fact, I can give Serazad's Chair to you, Adventurer.
However, could you first help me
with a simple favor for the villa keepers?
I need proof that you helped the villa keepers,
so bring back one of the Crimson Echo Flowes they tend to
and fifty Spicy Teff Sandwices to share with them.
You can do that much for the bedside table, can't you?

The Crimson Echo Flower is a special yet mysterious flower
that the villa keepers tend to as a hobby.

Thank you kindly. The villa keepers have long craved
for something sweet, and yet they've been so focused on tending to their villas.
This is a handcrafted bedside table made by Serazad herself.
I hope this was the bedside table you were looking for, Adventurer.

Completion Target: Dellus
- Hand over Crimson Echo Flower x1 to Dellus
- Hand over Spicy Teff Sandwich x50 to Dellus
Required actions:
Talk to the Black Spirit
Talk to the Black Spirit

- Contribution EXP (100)
- [Manor] Handcrafted Serazad Bedside Table

Quest requirements
Finished quest: icon - [Manor] A Father's Heart

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Thamugadi 7-11-2021 15:44
Daily Quests to get Crimson Echo Flower

Amir's Villa : Kill 200 Waragons
Karashu's Villa : Kill 200 Bashims
Kunid's Villa : Kill 150 Basilisks
Alsabi's Villa : Kill 250 Gahaz bandits.
Gahaz's Villa : Kill 250 Gahaz bandits.
Lohan's Villa : Gather - x50 Vanadium Ore / x10 Mythil Ore / x10 Rought Blue Crystals.
Shakatu's Villa : Trade - - x5 Elixir of Life ( Artisan 2 + ) from Shakatu / x5 Mercury Ointment from Ibellab Oasis .
Atosa's Villa : Kill 250 Crescent Followers.
Kiyak's Villa : Trade x5 Valencian Carpet From Valencia City ( master 2+ ) / x5 Coconut Oil from Ibellab Oasis.
Tasaila's Villa : Kill 100 Desert Fogans.
Muna's Villa : Fishing - x10 Snapped Rope / Torn Net / Tattered Boots.
Shandi's Villa : Kill 250 Pila Ku Jail mobs.
Oberin's Villa : Kill 250 Pila Ku Jail mobs.
Dudora's Villa : Kill 250 Sulfur Mine mobs.
Inaha's Villa : Gather - x100 Palm Timber / x100 Palm Tree Sap / Make - x25 Useful Timber Square.
Talia's Villa : Trade x5 Ivory Bundle From Ancado Inner Harbor / x5 Date Palm Sack from Ibellab Oasis.
Marzana's Villa : Fishing - x1 Swellfish / Porcupine Fish / Nibbler.

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