ID: 3707/16
[Daily] Old Moon Guild's Young Black Rust Hunter
KR name: [일일] 그믐달 어린 검은무쇠이빨 사냥꾼
icon Quest
Region: All
Category: Recurring
Type: Family quest
Level: 1
Repeat: 1d

First quest in the chain:
icon - [Daily] We are the Owners of this Island!
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - [Daily] Old Moon Guild's Young Nineshark Hunter

Start NPC:
icon - Ravikel
End NPC:
icon - Ravikel

- Description:
Ravikel said they are preparing a special meal for their guild members to celebrate establishing a base at Oquilla's Eye. Sail far out and get young black rust meat.

※ This is a daily quest which will reset at midnight (server time).
※ If you accept this quest, you cannot accept "[Daily] Old Moon Guild's Black Rust Hunter".
※ Black Rusts can be found to the west of Oquilla's Eye, far out in the Great Ocean.
※ Navigation cannot be used in the Great Ocean and your location will not be marked on the World Map.
※ Ships equipped with cannons are required to defeat monsters in the Great Ocean.

It seems like you're quite a sailor.
Have you ever been to the black rust habitat?
It's located far west of Padix Island.
The reason I say, is because our quartermaster Herrad Romsen
is preparing a special meal for our guild members
to celebrate the establishment of our base at Oquilla's Eye.
How special is the meal?
Well, the main ingredient is young black rust meat. Need I say more?
Sail west and if you come by a herd, please get us some of their meat.
We'll repay you decently.

If you sail west and come by a young black rust herd,
please get us some of their meat. We'll repay you decently.

Their habitat is quite far away but the meat is still very fresh.
Thank you. We'll ask for your help again.

Completion Target: Ravikel
- Gather Young Black Rust Meat from far west of Oquilla's Eye
Required actions:
  1. Kill monsters (5):
    icon - Young Black Rust

- Contribution EXP (300)
- Sailing Skill EXP
- Sailing Skill EXP
- Tear of the Ocean
- Oquilla Coin
Quest requirements
BDO Streams

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