ID: 3520/128
Block the Strategy Leak
KR name: 전략 유출을 차단하라
icon Quest
Region: Keplan (Southeastern Calpheon)
Category: Town
Type: Character quest
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - Miners' Irritation
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - Protect the Town's Flower Garden

icon - Miners' Irritation
icon - Big House-Parasitic Bee Claws
icon - No More Crying Babies!
icon - Many Excuses
icon - Rocks With Feet
icon - A Reasonable Question
icon - Money for Medicine
icon - North Abandoned Quarry
icon - Defeat Golem Spiders
icon - Black Crystal in Junk
icon - Oze's Household
icon - To the North Quarry
icon - Investigation for a Report
icon - Fallback Measure
icon - Frenzied Miner
icon - Unattended Pickaxe
icon - Back to Keplan
icon - Husband's Well-Being
icon - Saunils at the Door
icon - Marni's Creation
icon - Ornament of Saunil Armored Soldiers
icon - Enemies are Great Teachers
icon - A Sneak Thief
icon - A Patient's Health Food
icon - Baby Wyvern
icon - To Trina Beacon Towers
icon - A Rumor about the Ruins
icon - A Rumor about the Ruins
icon - Finding the Entrance to the Maze
icon - A Fight We Can't Lose
icon - Courage and Temerity
icon - Following the Trend
icon - Repulsive Rats
icon - Rats Make My Blood Boil...
icon - My Own Logic
icon - Good Resource Supplier
icon - Too Many Problems
icon - Must Grasp at Straws
icon - Mad Scientist's Test Subject
icon - Rising Forces
icon - For the Villagers' Safety
icon - Deep-Rooted Ecology
icon - Finders Keepers
icon - Monsters Have More Than 3 Legs
icon - Underperforming Quarry
icon - Did You Say Rock Spider?
icon - Must Hold the Bridge
icon - Food For Workers
icon - Inferior and Useless Beings
icon - Mutant Raid
icon - Mom and Child
icon - What an Alchemist Needs
icon - Noisy Uninvited Guests
icon - Very Precious Hide
icon - Watch Your Step While on Patrol
icon - A terrifying monster
icon - Have You Heard of Iguanas?
icon - Let the Slaughter Begin
icon - Annoying Small Fry
icon - Saunil Elites
icon - A Task That's Not for Anyone
icon - Block the Charge
icon - Commander's Head on the Flag
icon - Saunil Elder Staff
icon - Problem at Border Farm
icon - Do Kuku Birds cry Kuku?
icon - Substitute Bowl
icon - Come to Think of It, I'm Angry!
icon - Find a New Home
icon - Drive Out the Warriors
icon - The Best Warm, Waterproof Hide
icon - Stop Them If You Want to Live
icon - An Eerie Sort of Research
icon - Defeat Petrified Miners
icon - Frenzied Creatures
icon - Wipe 'Em Out
icon - Those Who Hurt People
icon - To the Glutoni Dwelling
icon - An Ostracized Pioneer
icon - Protect the Town's Flower Garden
icon - Block the Strategy Leak

Start NPC:
icon - Casto Luce
End NPC:
icon - Casto Luce

– Description:
Casto Luce thought there was a spy stealing internal strategy information and asked you to have a look around the outskirts of the fortress. He also asked if you saw a guy who looks suspicious. Catch him and take his Secret Letter.

It shames me to say, but there's no escaping how difficult this war is becoming.
There's a reason why the Saunil have become so formidable.
We have learned of a rat giving intelligence to the enemy.
We think it to be someone stationed on the fortress outskirts.
Search that area, and if you find any evidence of correspondence, let me know immediately.
It could be key to turning the tide of this war.
And if you discover who the spy is, bring him alive. He must be interrogated.

I think there is a possibility that the spy is running around and can't find the contact either
because the battlefield is too chaotic.

I knew it. My perfect strategy couldn't collapse like this
unless information was being leaked to the enemy.

Completion Target: Casto Luce
- Capture the Suspicious Soldier and take the Secret Letter from him
Required actions:
Interact with NPC (1):
icon - Suspicious Soldier

- Contribution EXP 90
- Gold Bar 1G
- EXP (100)

Quest requirements
Level = 38

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Anonymous 9-03-2016 14:13

The Suspicious Soldier for this quest can be found patrolling a path, starting at the South Gate of Trina Fort and continuing south. All you have to do is catch him and interact with him, then the quest can be turned in.

Anonymous 11-03-2016 19:30

Der verdächtige Soldat läuft den südlichen Weg Richtung Saunillager auf und ab.

Anonymous 13-03-2016 02:59

Thank you.

Anonymous 26-03-2016 19:06

Visual path of the suspicious soldier:

Anonymous 2-04-2016 23:23

Holy fuck that helped me so much. Thank you kind person.

Anonymous 26-09-2017 20:41

Thank you !

Anonymous 1-05-2016 23:29


Anonymous 17-09-2016 20:51

Thanks a lot for all:D:D

Anonymous 8-07-2017 07:48

Der Tip war super, dankeschön :yahoo:


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