ID: 3425/1
[Repeat] Medicine for Seasickness will Make Profit
KR name: [반복] 멀미약은 돈이 될 거야
icon Quest
Region: Southwestern Calpheon
Category: Recurring
Type: Family quest
Level: 1

Next quest in the chain:
icon - [Repeat] Delivering Supplies

Start NPC:
icon - Soldier
End NPC:
icon - Soldier

- Description:
Most of the Calpheonian soldiers have a hard time due to seasickness. One of the soldiers knows a special recipe to cure seasickness, which is made of Birch Sap and Pine Sap.
Gather 5 Birch Saps and 5 Pine Saps for the soldier.

A lot of the soldiers from Calpheon
have a hard time adjusting here because of seasickness.
Unlike the soldiers from Port Epheria, they are not used to the ocean.
Thus, I thought of a brilliant idea.
My grandmother has a special recipe
to cure seasickness and I can make that for profit!
So as I was saying,
can you get me some birch sap and pine sap?
I cannot just leave and go gathering
since I am here on duty.

I just need to combine birch and pine sap according to my grandmother's recipe
to make a cure for seasickness. Yes, I'll become rich!

Thank you, this is enough to make a few
to sell to the soldiers without getting caught.

Completion Target: Soldier
- Hand over Pine Sap
- Hand over Birch Sap
Required actions:
Give item:
- Pine Sap (5) NPC: icon - Soldier
Give item:
- Birch Sap (5) NPC: icon - Soldier

- Contribution EXP (300)
- Gathering Skill Experience
- Destructive Illusion

Quest requirements
Level = 56

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