ID: 2001/139
Glazed Naga Oil
KR name: 윤기있는 나가족 기름
icon Quest
Region: All
Category: Town
Type: Character quest
Level: 21

First quest in the chain:
icon - Heidel's Northern Highland
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - Puia and the Wooden Box Design
Next quest in the chain:
icon - Injured Adventurers...

icon - Heidel's Northern Highland
icon - Storage Keeper Amerigo
icon - Wizard's Altar
icon - Serendia Eastern Gateway
icon - Goods Delivery to the Eastern Gateway
icon - The Ultimate Lizard Dish
icon - Swamp Toxicity
icon - Aloof Fan Flamingo
icon - Daybreak Raid
icon - Positive Lara
icon - Potion Supply
icon - Gathering Ingredients in Haste
icon - Everything's Delicious When You're Hungry
icon - Rainbow Lizard
icon - Cobweb Delivery
icon - Overcoming a Nervous Breakdown
icon - Prize List
icon - Mutant Lizard
icon - Swamp Ambush
icon - Moss Stoneback Crab
icon - Elionian Doctrines
icon - Swamp Naga
icon - Naga Culture
icon - Delivering Stuff
icon - Ruined Village
icon - Dernyl Farm
icon - Wicked Cultist
icon - Deviating Doctrines
icon - Freharau's Report
icon - Why the Sticky Cobwebs?
icon - Studying Spiders
icon - Studying Moss Stoneback Crabs
icon - The Extraction Mill and the Northwestern Gateway
icon - Rescuing Prisoners
icon - Wagon Heist Plan
icon - To Calpheon!
icon - A Path in the Valleys?
icon - Oh, My Melissa
icon - Heidel's Secret Treaty
icon - Ambushing Naga
icon - Oyun's Statue
icon - Oyun's Statue
icon - Sweeping the Front Yard
icon - Missing Investigators
icon - Seed Pouch
icon - Cultist Flag
icon - Ancient Coin Collector
icon - Southern Neutral Zone
icon - Extraction Mill Repair
icon - Delivering Repair Parts
icon - Work Status Report
icon - A Letter to Mother
icon - Finest Cooking Ingredients
icon - Glish Commemorative Coin
icon - Bandit's Dagger
icon - Straggling Porter
icon - Red Orc
icon - Naga Commander
icon - Secret Duty
icon - Anon Wants to Be a Soldier
icon - Profound Flag
icon - Find My Stuff
icon - Where Did It Go?
icon - Lost Halidom
icon - Fogan Ecological Research
icon - Imps at the Farm
icon - Imp Food Wagon
icon - Stolen Grain
icon - Allan's Gift
icon - Allan's Gift
icon - Helping Cruhorn Wyrmsbane
icon - A Special for Friends
icon - Freharau's Advice
icon - Delicious Water
icon - Techthon and Quality Iron
icon - Puia and the Wooden Box Design
icon - Glazed Naga Oil
icon - Injured Adventurers...
icon - What's Wrong With That Guy?
icon - What's Wrong With That Adventurer?
icon - You Looked at Me First!
icon - Let's see who will win!
icon - Treasure in the Watchtower.
icon - Secret at the Top
icon - For the Remaining Soldiers...
icon - Are You Alive, Friend?
icon - Bandits' Treasure Chamber
icon - Atrocious Bandits
icon - An Important Thing for Heidel
icon - How to Gain the Advantage in a Negotiation
icon - Securing a Safe Escape Route
icon - Revenge, Revenge, Revenge!
icon - How Strong Are the Bandits?
icon - A Soldier's Secret Problem
icon - Precious Morning
icon - Rat-Killing Spree!
icon - Lost Farm Pigs
icon - Puppy on the Roof
icon - Retrieve Runaway Pigs
icon - Adorable Thief
icon - No More Dogs
icon - Lovers' Secret
icon - What Are They Talking About?
icon - Threatening and Frantic Kuku Bird!
icon - From a Friend, With Love
icon - No Credit!
icon - Have You Ever... Tamed a Horse?
icon - [Contribution] Helping Out the Residents
icon - [Contribution] Red Orc Extermination
icon - [Contribution] Helping Out the Town
icon - I should be able to manage it right?
icon - [Event] Wanted! Naughty Dog
icon - [Event] Cat Missing

Start NPC:
icon - Seilane
End NPC:
icon - Seilane

- Description:
General Goods Vendor Seilane in Glish is interested in skin care. The hottest skin care product in Glish right now is oil extracted from Naga skin.
Hunt Swamp Naga Apprentices to bring Shining Oil to Seilane.

※ Note: Inventory expansion quest rewards cannot be used if your Inventory space is already at the maximum.

Have you heard?
The whole town can't get enough of my Naga Oil!
I heard it's excellent for your skin!
Not that I'm the type to worry about skin care myself, but I'd still like to have some.
But Nagas are quite strong...
Can you deal with them for me?

Oil- Skin care oil-!

How's this?
Does my skin look better?
Thank you.
For bringing me this precious oil.
I have to give you something in return...
Do you need anything in particular?
Oh... right!
I have a bag my husband doesn't use anymore. I'll give you that if you need it.

Completion Target: Seilane
- Swamp Naga Apprentice Spearman's Oil
- Swamp Naga Apprentice Axeman's Oil
Required actions:
Get 2 quest item(s) from icon - Swamp Naga Apprentice Spearman. Drop chance: 16.4%
Get 2 quest item(s) from icon - Swamp Naga Apprentice Axeman. Drop chance: 14.9%

- Inventory +1 Expansion

Quest requirements
Level = 21
Not finished quest: icon - Injured Adventurers...
Not accepted quest: icon - Injured Adventurers...
Level = 18
Not finished quest: icon - Injured Adventurers...
Not accepted quest: icon - Injured Adventurers...
Finished quest: icon - Glish
Not finished quest: icon - Injured Adventurers...
Not accepted quest: icon - Injured Adventurers...

Required to open quests
icon - [Alchemy] Small Potions to Medium Potions

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