ID: 11293/1
[Event] Fwuzzy
icon Quest
Region: All
Category: Town
Type: Family quest
Level: 1

Start NPC:
icon - Abelin
End NPC:
icon - Abelin

- Description:
Abelin requests that you bring him a fish he can show off to Crio. Obtain a fishing rod suited for ice fishing, then return with your catch.

※ You can only catch [Event] Fatty Frosty Smelt, [Event] Frosty Smelt, and [Event] Frosty Cherry Salmon by ice fishing.
※ You will need to use the [Event] Splat Fisher's Fishing Rod at the ice fishing spot.
※ You can obtain the [Event] Splat Fisher's Fishing Rod from either Crio or Abelin.
※ Use the [Event] Splat Fisher's Fishing Rod to find the ice fishing spot.
※ This quest is available only once per family.

Hmm? You think your interested in fishing, too?
Then do I have some juicy information for you!
I just heard this from someone who recently stopped by the village
that there's special kinds of fish you can catch atop that mountain over yonder.
Only certain fishers know this, and they're already camped there
enjoying some good ol' ice fishing.
I need to stay here, need to appear busy and all,
so could you go in my stead without Crio noticing?
I want to rub it in Crio's face that I caught something he never could!
Here, I even have the special fishing rod you need for ice fishing!

Hurry up and check it out!
If you catch something and bring it to me, I'll give you something special!

That's quite the catch!
I can't wait to see Crio's face when I brag in front of him!
Here, this is something someone gave to me
when I helped them with their fishing.
I think it'll be of better use in your hands than mine.
Well, I'm off! Gotta find Crio!

Completion Target: Abelin
- Hand over [Event] Fatty Frosty Smelt x2 to Abelin
- Hand over [Event] Frosty Smelt x2 to Abelin
- Hand over [Event] Frosty Cherry Salmon x2 to Abelin
Required actions:
Meet NPC: icon - Patrigio
Meet NPC: icon - Patrigio
Meet NPC: icon - Patrigio

- Registration: Fwuzzy Alpaca

Quest requirements

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