ID: 47028
Level: 99
<Audrite High Priestess>
Horoscope: Elephant
sympathy Interest Level: 37 ~ 58
sympathy Favor: 21 ~ 29

Beasts (Drieghan) (0/5)
Foreigners of O'dyllita (0/5)
Crow's Nest (0/5)
– Description:
Qindir, the High Priestess of Audraism, a direct subordinate organization of Queen Viorencia Odore.

Qindir was the Ahib who formed an alliance between the Saluns and the Ahib in Narcion and is the current Audrite High Priestess. She spreads the Audrite doctrine of creating a new Sacred Tree to replace the old Kamasylve to all the Ahib, and has compiled the Book of Thornwood on the Thornwood Goddess Statues that can be seen all over O'dyllita. Under her leadership, numerous Audrite Missionary Priestesses swept across O'dyllita, spreading both the Audrite Doctrine and the Book of Thornwood, especially to a good number of the Ahib who rebelled against Viorencia. For the Audrite doctrine and the Book of Thornwood aim to unite all the Ahib, regardless of who they serve.

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