Ultimate Rosar Horn Bow Nouver Horn Bow Ramones's Horn Bow Kutum Horn Bow Black Warrior Horn Bow (Temp) Basteer Horn Bow Ultimate Basteer Horn Bow Dim Magical Horn Bow Horn Bow of Concentrated Magical Power Horn Bow of Sealed Magical Power Freed Magical Horn Bow Roaring Magical Horn Bow Old Nouver Horn Bow Asula's Crimson Eye Horn Bow Kydict Horn Bow Old Staff Strong Staff Elsh Staff Raell Staff Azwell Staff Ain Staff Seleth Staff Veid Staff Liverto Staff Kzarka Staff Basteer Staff Kalis Staff Bares Staff Yuria Staff Staff of Crimson Flame Staff of Enchantment Staff of Destruction Staff of Temptation Staff of Agony Krea Staff Rosar Staff Styd Staff Ultimate Styd Staff Adventurer's Staff Azwell Staff of Crimson Flame Azwell Staff of Destruction Azwell Staff of Temptation Azwell Staff of Agony Azwell Staff of Enchantment Ultimate Azwell Staff Ain Staff of Crimson Flame Ain Staff of Destruction Ain Staff of Temptation Ain Staff of Agony Ain Staff of Enchantment Ultimate Ain Staff Seleth Staff of Crimson Flame Seleth Staff of Destruction Seleth Staff of Temptation Seleth Staff of Agony Seleth Staff of Enchantment Ultimate Seleth Staff Kalis Staff of Crimson Flame Kalis Staff of Destruction Kalis Staff of Temptation Kalis Staff of Agony Kalis Staff of Enchantment Ultimate Kalis Staff Bares Staff of Crimson Flame Bares Staff of Destruction Bares Staff of Temptation Bares Staff of Agony Bares Staff of Enchantment Ultimate Bares Staff Yuria Staff of Crimson Flame Yuria Staff of Destruction Yuria Staff of Temptation Yuria Staff of Agony Yuria Staff of Enchantment Ultimate Yuria Staff Krea Staff of Crimson Flame Krea Staff of Destruction Krea Staff of Temptation Krea Staff of Agony Krea Staff of Enchantment Ultimate Krea Staff Rosar Staff of Crimson Flame Rosar Staff of Destruction Rosar Staff of Temptation Rosar Staff of Agony Rosar Staff of Enchantment Ultimate Rosar Staff Ultimate Basteer Staff Elsh Staff of Crimson Flame Elsh Staff of Destruction Elsh Staff of Temptation Ultimate Elsh Staff Ramones's Staff Kzarka Staff (Temp) Old Kzarka Staff Black Abyssal Staff Delphad Castillion's Carnage Staff Kydict Staff Ornella Staff Ultimate Delphad Castillion's Carnage Staff Offin Tett's Radiant Staff Old Kunai Triple Kunai Quitar Kunai Estique Kunai Tadd Kunai Quitar Kunai of Crimson Flame Quitar Kunai of Destruction Quitar Kunai of Temptation Quitar Kunai of Agony Quitar Kunai of Enchantment Ultimate Quitar Kunai Estique Kunai of Crimson Flame Estique Kunai of Destruction Estique Kunai of Temptation Estique Kunai of Agony Estique Kunai of Enchantment Ultimate Estique Kunai Tadd Kunai of Crimson Flame Tadd Kunai of Destruction Tadd Kunai of Temptation Tadd Kunai of Agony Tadd Kunai of Enchantment Ultimate Tadd Kunai Krea Kunai Rosar Kunai Krea Kunai of Crimson Flame Krea Kunai of Destruction Krea Kunai of Temptation Krea Kunai of Agony Krea Kunai of Enchantment Ultimate Krea Kunai Rosar Kunai of Crimson Flame Rosar Kunai of Destruction Rosar Kunai of Temptation Rosar Kunai of Agony Rosar Kunai of Enchantment Ultimate Rosar Kunai Nouver Kunai Ramones's Kunai Kutum Kunai Quitar Kunai (Temp) Basteer Kunai Ultimate Basteer Kunai Dim Magical Kunai Kunai of Concentrated Magical Power Kunai of Sealed Magical Power Freed Magical Kunai Roaring Magical Kunai