Dish with Weird Texture Dish with More Ingredients Weakened Reagent Faded Metal Shard Shimmering Powder Half Hardened Liquid Crude Crystal Fragment Mutant Plant Premature Fruit Seed Half Eaten by a Bird Plant with Rotting Roots Unusual Fruit Failed Dish Burnt Reagent Blue Whale Meat Blue Whale Oil Blue Whale Molar Blue Whale Tendon Blue Whale Bone Soft Whale Meat Crocodile Meat Shining Powder Broken Alchemy Stone Shard Fugitive Khalk's Horn Fugitive Khalk's Skin Fugitive Khalk's Shiny Claw Gazelle Hind Leg Gazelle Horn Gargoyle Leg Griffon Claw Bull Gator Meat Cloudy Crystal Fragment Starlight Crystal Energy Stabilizer Abyssal Brass Ingot Ferocious Leather Mystical Cleaning Oil Black Energy Residue Refined Black Energy Residue Hesed's Crystal Dragon Slayer Great Sword Blueprint Dragon Slayer Scythe Blueprint Dragon Slayer Iron Buster Blueprint Dragon Slayer Kamasylven Sword Blueprint Dragon Slayer Celestial Bo Staff Blueprint Dragon Slayer Lancia Blueprint Dragon Slayer Crescent Blade Blueprint Dragon Slayer Kerispear Blueprint Dragon Slayer Sura Katana Blueprint Dragon Slayer Sah Chakram Blueprint Dragon Slayer Aad Sphera Blueprint Dragon Slayer Godr Sphera Blueprint Dragon Slayer Vediant Blueprint Dragon Slayer Gardbrace Blueprint Dragon Slayer Cestus Blueprint Dragon Slayer Crimson Glaives Blueprint Garmoth's Scale Red Ashes of Darkness Inverted Energy Inverted Heart of Garmoth Apprentice's Fried Fish Cooking Box Skilled Cook's Meat Stew Cooking Box Apprentice's Boiled Egg Cooking Box Skilled Cook's Soft Bread Cooking Box Skilled Cook's Fish Fillet Chip Cooking Box Skilled Cook's Fruit Pudding Cooking Box Professional's Meat Pie Cooking Box Professional's Fine Scent Cooking Box Master's Seafood Pasta Cooking Box Professional's Omelet Cooking Box Artisan's Meat Croquette Cooking Box Artisan's Cheese Gratin Cooking Box Artisan's Desert Dumpling Cooking Box Artisan's Honey Wine Cooking Box Professional's Steak Cooking Box Artisan's Honeycomb Cookie Cooking Box Master's Sute Tea Cooking Box Master's Dark Pudding Cooking Box Apprentice's Alchemy Box Apprentice's Elixir of Wings Alchemy Box Skilled Alchemist's Elixir of Seal Alchemy Box Skilled Alchemist's Elixir of Energy Alchemy Box Skilled Alchemist's Elixir of Mentality Alchemy Box Professional's Secret Alchemy Box Professional's Sturdy Alchemy Box Professional's Elixir of Amity Alchemy Box Professional's Elixir of Demihuman Hunt Alchemy Box Artisan's Grim Reaper's Elixir Alchemy Box Artisan's Precious Alchemy Box Artisan's Elixir of Sky Alchemy Box Artisan's Elixir of Carnage Alchemy Box Master's Elixir of Detection Alchemy Box Master's Elixir of Death Alchemy Box Master's Golden Hand Elixir Alchemy Box Master's Elixir of Frenzy Alchemy Box Master's Meat Sandwich Cooking Box Master's Milk Tea Cooking Box Master's Ham Sandwich Cooking Box Master's Elixir of Perforation Alchemy Box Master's Elixir of Assassination Alchemy Box Holiday Gift Box [Event] Beer Crate [Event] Sample Beer Crate [Event] Clear Liquid Reagent Crate Apprentice's Five-Grain Chicken Porridge Cooking Box [Guild] Clearance Permit [Guild] Ink [Guild] Parchment [Guild] Wax [Guild] Seal [Guild] Galley Plan [Guild] Iron Core Timber Square [Guild] Desert Alloy Ingot [Guild] Spirit-laden Plywood [Guild] Wind-laden Flax Cloth [Guild] Chariot Part Plan [Guild] Vanadium Steel Ingot [Guild] Charior Exterior Strengthening Material [Guild] War Goddess's Thill [Guild] Test Gunpowder [Guild] Baby Elephant [Guild] Water for Elephant [Guild] Elephant Food [Guild] Elephant Cage Parts [Guild] Timber for Fixing the Cage [Guild] Balenosian Specialty [Guild] Serendian Specialty [Guild] Calpheonian Specialty [Guild] Mediahn Specialty [Guild] Valencian Specialty [Guild] Trade Goods Wrapper [Guild] Fine Texture Ash Plywood [Guild] Golden Copper Ingot [Guild] Fresh Chicken [Guild] Hard Pine Plywood