Dried Miho Spine Loach Dried Diamond Minnow Dried Amur Minnow Dried Common Minnow Dried Stumpy Bullhead Dried Shuttles Hoppfish Dried Oily Shiner Dried Korean Loach Dried Minnow Dried Cherry Icefish Dried Spined Loach Dried Amur Ide Dried Stone Moroko Dried Amur Goby Dried Stickleback Dried Mori Dried Grass Carp Dried Black Shiner Dried Burbot Salt Sugar White Sauce Red Sauce Leavening Agent Dressing Cooking Oil Sun-Dried Salt Raw Sugar Olive Oil Deep Frying Oil Cooking Wine Base Sauce Ancient Cron Spice Essence of Liquor Mineral Water Cream Cheese Butter Egg Milk Vinegar Fruit Wine Pickled Vegetables Cheese Gratin Aloe Yogurt Aloe Cookie Honey Wine Sute Tea Fish Fillet Chips Assorted Side Dishes High-Quality Carrot Juice Special Carrot Juice Beer Teff Bread Freekeh Snake Stew Fig Pie Pistachio Fried Rice Teff Sandwich Date Palm Wine Couscous Stir-Fried Vegetables Grain Soup Fried Vegetables Fruit Juice Fruit and Vegetable Salad Fruit Pudding Soft Bread Oatmeal Exotic Herbal Wine Milk Tea Fruit Pie Meat Pie Honeycomb Cookie Ham Sandwich Cheese Pie Omelet Tea With Fine Scent Crispy Fried Vegetables High-Quality Cheese Pie Special Fruit Pudding Special Grain Soup Refined Oatmeal Smooth Milk Tea Thick Fruit Juice Full-bodied Exotic Herbal Wine Luscious Fruit Wine Sweet and Sour Pickled Vegetable Chewy Cheese Gratin Cold Draft Beer Crispy Stir-Fried Vegetables Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Salad Moist Milk Bread Sweet Fruit Pie Lean Meat Pie Crispy Honeycomb Cookie Premium Ham Sandwich Soft Omelet Tea with Strong Scent Thick Aloe Yogurt Sweet Aloe Cookie Tangy Honey Wine Healthy Sute Tea Mouth-watering Fish Fillet Chips Plentiful Assorted Side Dishes Spongy Teff Bread Thick Freekeh Snake Stew Sweet Fig Pie Savory Pistachio Fried Rice Spicy Teff Sandwich Mild Date Palm Wine Classic Couscous Star Anise Tea Coconut Cocktail Coconut Pasta Coconut Fried Fish Chilled Coconut Cocktail Sweet Coconut Pasta Crispy Coconut Fried Fish Spirit Essence of Wind Spirit Essence of Earth Spirit Essence of Water Rainbow Button Mushroom Sandwich Sweet Rainbow Button Mushroom Sandwich Stir-Fried Bracken Savory Stir-Fried Bracken Steak Boiled Bird Eggs Fried Bird Meat Croquette Steamed Bird Lizard Kebab Fried Fish Borscht Steamed Fish Desert Dumpling Steamed Seafood Pickled Fish Seafood Pasta Meat Stew Meat Sandwich Meat Pasta Smoked Fish Steak Fish Soup Seafood Mushroom Salad Stir-Fried Seafood Seafood Grilled with Butter Dark Pudding Fish Fillet Salad Meat Soup