Daybreak Warrior Inquirer of Origins Faraway Messenger Innovator Didn't Even Break a Sweat Black Spirit's Friend Alright! Blinded by Love Explosive Potential Enhance-ologist Sparkle Sparkle Steel-Winged PRI DUO TRI TET PEN PRI DUO... What? How much? Contract Revision Required Enhancement Blunder Enhancement Failure For Dummies Black Stone Illusionist AAAAAAAAAH Doubting the Black Spirit Embraced by Black Spirit Shaking Head Everything According to Plan Father of Success Mother of Success Broke up with the Black Spirit Black Stone Donator Adventurer from Heidel Adventurer from Calpheon Adventurer from Mediah Adventurer from Valencia Adventurer from Keplan Adventurer from Florin Adventurer from Epheria Adventurer from Serendia Katan Mercenary Great Warrior Is This THE City? Ancient Civilization Guardian Edana's Descendant Double Spy Digging for Treasure Satisfactory Revenge Palm Forest Boy Embraced by Evil Kayal's Right-Hand Man Dude Looks Like a Monkey Brawler Naughty Kid Wicked Leave Them Alone! Evil Armored Infantryman Only Hurting Your Hand Dark Prince Idiot! Obsessed with Belts Wild Horse Chubby Stone Man I Hate Waragons Hoppity Fogan Prince Foganexecutioner Brrrrr How Dare You Crescent Guardian Holy Knight Grave Robber Ruler of the Nagan Civilization Plundering Thief! MORE GOLD BARS... Do I Look Scary? Guardian of the Desert Protector Storyteller Brother of Goyen Cartian's Descendants Giant Leap Young Tree Sisters Princess of the Fallen Kingdom Only at the tip of Lancia Western Frontiers Flower in Winter Guardian of the Narusawa House Run, Kuno-Chan, Run! Aad's Pharos Godr-Ayed Tier Guardian of Darkness Wolf of Lonely Wilderness The Chosen One Wings of Destruction Flamen Ruler of the Temple No Item for the Lazy Stronger Than You Blinded by Tears Suppressing Elite Ordnances All About Item Drops Warriorkin Lucid Dreamin' Devourer Ruler of the Sulfur Mine Sordid Dark Eyes Longing for Freedom Learning ABCs in Mounted Hunting Hunter of Wind Hunting for a Living Wings Spread Wide Hunter better than Likke Behr Master Baiter Are you looking at me?! Early Bird And the Oscar goes to... One for all, and all for one Triathlete I like to move it, move it! Conqueror of Balenos Conqueror of Serendia Conqueror of Calpheon Conqueror of Mediah Conqueror of Valencia Breakthrough PEN Node Breakthrough TET Node Breakthrough TRI Node Breakthrough DUO Node Breakthrough PRI Node Stormtrooper Special Force Commander Ultimate Weapon No Mercy! Merciful Balenos is mine! Serendia is mine! Calpheon Castle is mine! Mediah Castle is mine! Valencia Castle is mine! Senior in Node Node Veteran Wanna give it a try? It's Node War! Decurion Centurion Legion Legate Black Star Hero Motherlover