Gutsy Thug Chaotic Rhutum Guard Destroyer Abandoned Iron Mine Sheriff Practical Brawler Red Heart Holder Street Fighter Saunil Guard Handler Saunil Slayer Savage Commander Enforcer Civil Rights Commissioner Khuruto Subordinate Master Quickest Person Around Work Supervisor Ruler of Chaos Region Captain Thunder Causing Lightning Bringer Unrestrained Champion Rock Spider Crusher Stone Thread Extractor Stone Hole Digger Cold-Blooded Crab Shell Trampled Rock Whisperer Hardheaded Somewhat Hardheaded Shell Desiring Armadillo Warrior Pangolin Enthusiast Cheetah Dragon Tamer Love Marinated Desert Crabs Crab Marshal Hit First, Think Later Oh Dear Eccentric Stone Child Horned Nose Ouch! That Stings Armadillo Ecologist Ruminating Man Ruminating Woman Go Alone Like a Bison's Horn Taboo Breaker Normal Person Irrational Divine Punisher Savage Animism Enthusiast Fake Minister Heresy Eradicator Trembling Crazy Wannabe Cult Leader Element Handler Elementalist's Natural Enemy Aggressive Wandering Fighter Impatient Rogue-Catching Thug Bitten Mongrel Renegade Kingpin Shredded Big Dreamer Hard to Ignore Nimble Defiant The Huge One Tough Kid Cute Face Beast Rattler Elite Hunter Acquaintance of Hell Soul Sweeper Gunslinger Bone Grinder Simmered Bones The One Who Controls Death Skull Soul Blade Death Knight Fearless of Fire Human Fire Extinguisher Golem Destroyer Merciless Beaten and Crushed Obsidian Desiring Torchbearer What on Earth? Mutant Creature Mad Scientist Bionic Human Secret Weapon No. 12 Blood Drinker Guardian of Mediah Flaming Fist Outlaw of the Wilderness Invincible Man Invincible Woman King of the Dead Wow! A Whale! Moby Dick Blue Whale Expert Dominator of the Sea Madoros Blue Whale Hunter Petty Thief Raid Captain Amazon Talent Above Talent Sweeper Pirate Exterminator Dominator of the Red Island Marine Fighter Spicy Stew Chef Wink Girl Wink Boy Captain Khuru Pirate Drunkard The Treasure Hunters Pirate Watcher Heeheehee Rum Nymph Guardian of the Sea The Heart of the Ocean Admiral Tungrad Pioneer Confronted the Ancient Weapon Archaeologist Human Weapon Brilliant Civilization Helm Collector Indomitable Warrior Liberator of the Mines Blood-Stained Early Spring Gatherer The First Processor Daybreak Cook Daybreak Trainer Daybreak Alchemist Daybreak Fisher