Invincible body Extinguished Ferrid Beia's Letter Evil Thoughts of the Witch Magic Bullet of Last Hope Tragic End of Mercenaries Survivors from the Mercenaries Mystic's Memory, Banha's Tears #1 Mystic's Memory, Banha's Tears #2 Mystic's Memory, Banha's Tears #3 Mystic's Quality, Refinement Mystic's Quality, Awareness Mystic's Quality, Tenacity Sunken Mediah Trader Fault-line Topography Door to the Skies Three-tentacled Octopus Boulder Seven Giant Streams Snake Nest Boulder Limestone Cave Eight Stepped Waterfall Severed Land Bridge Odd Roks under the Sea Al Halam Western Entrance Ancient Ruins of the Eltro Sea Spring-water of the Crag Elephant Rock in Grána City Golden Sunset of Grána City Ladiana Wind valley Baby Elephant Rock Beautiful Sunset Petroglyph in the Sea The Dragon's Jaw of Al Halam Sea Shipwreck of Al Halam Sea Perilous Game Dried-up River of Pujiya Canyon Mysterious Map Carved on a Rock Flat Mushroom-shaped Rock of Mediah Ancient Goblin Altar Lopterses are also known as Sharks of Magoria. Records on Vell's Heart Vell, Immortal Life Sealed Black Scroll Santo Manzi's Letter Fragmented Memory #1 Fragmented Memory #2 Fragmented Memory #3 Lahn's Memory, Pain Lahn's Memory, Destruction Lahn's Memory, Death Nightmare in Crioville King of the Otters? Drieghan's Stone Tower Makthanan, the Cause of the Great Battle Safety Drieghan's Mercenaries The Great Battle Golden Dragon Legend Sherekhan Crimson Dragon, Garmoth's Appearance Drieghan's Communal Culture Butter Candle Drieghan's Ritual Tools How to Hunt Hawks Sherekhan Reborn Drieghan Handicraft Spread of Terror Pure Black Stone Sherekhan and the Great Battle #1 Sherekhan and the Great Battle #2 Sherekhan and the Great Battle #3 Sherekhan and the Great Battle #4 Sherekhan and the Great Battle #5 Drieghan and the Dragon Artifacts of Tshira Ruins Drieghan Native Religion Precious Food Development of Food Drying Techniques A Lack of Nutrients Vegetable Stand The Essence of Weaving Drieghan's Flag Mercenary Officer News Board Duvencrune Hot Spring Charm to Avert Evils Drieghan's Artisan Skill Scenery of Duvencrune Kiernak Falls Garmoth’s Altar Scar from the Great Battle Deian's Letter Chenga Sherekhan Camira's Happiness Hide-and-Seek Deian's Journal The Truth of Duvencrune's Old Book Fabric Made From High Quality Llama Fur Duvencrune's Source of Fresh Water Place Where No One Can Climb Duvencrune's Most Powerful Sherekhan's Last Axe Duvencrune Entrance Border Post Ganelle's Arrow Feather Ferrica's Feather Sorcery of Fadus Sacred Alcohol Drieghan Women's Ideal Man Small Waterfall Tainted Altar How to Distinguish a Courser Night Crow Hill Supplies Hands and arms signal of Drieghan Soldiers Stolen Supplies Poor Soldier Casualty List Night Crows Suspension Bridge Enormous Shadow Military Organization of Drieghan Ideal and Real Chief's Decision Ambush Attack of the Blood Wolves Hill Guard Night Crows Flock Friendship of Soldiers Blood Wolves Appearance Leebur and Garmoth's Encounter Incarnation of Revenge Duvencrune Charity Council Military Supply Pact Not Enough Supplies Survivors of the Great Battle Merchant's Movement Kiernak Falls' Spring Most Courageous Kid in Duvencrune Murmin's Teacher Hoom's Song - Wind Hoom's Song - Flower Hoom's Song - Sol Akum's Finger - Thumb Akum's Finger - Index Akum's Finger - Middle Akum's Ring Gervish's Bet - Sight Gervish's Bet - Courage Gervish's Bet - Decision Macalod's Intelligence - Expedience Macalod's Intelligence - Memory Macalod's Intelligence - Knowledge