Balenos Bear Stoneback Crab Goblin Goblin Fighter Goblin Thrower Goblin Shaman Goblin Elite Soldier Giath Dim Tree Spirit Young Tree Spirit Lost Lamb Immature Tree Spirit Mature Tree Spirit Plain Stoneback Crab Gray Fox Gray Wolf Gray Boar Spider Beetle Kuku Bird Tiny Bee Barrel-Parasitic Bee Pouch-Parasitic Bee Pumpkin Ghost Scarecrow Ghost Wheat Field Lookout Acid Spider Den Acid Spider Bush Spider Bulltrim Worm Poisonous Swamp Plant Thorn Tentacle Red Thorn Tentacle Black Thorn Tentacle Toxic Thorn Tentacle Moss Stoneback Crab Altar Imp Altar Imp Warrior Altar Imp Scout Altar Imp Trainer Altar Imp Fighter Altar Imp Archer Strong Altar Imp Trainer Cultist Cultist Warrior Cultist Shaman Shadow Knight Shadow Wizard Shadow Priest Mobility Unit Charger Patrol Wizard Swamp Fogan Swamp Fogan Guard Swamp Fogan Lookout Swamp Fogan Fortuneteller Swamp Fogan Egg Longtail Salamander Triangle Head Lizard Big Bush Spider Fan Flamingo Small Salamander Bison Cultist Assassin Serendia Shrine Warrior Serendia Shrine Wizard Serendia Shrine Priest Kzarka, the Lord of Corruption Serendia Shrine Assassin Swamp Naga Swamp Naga Apprentice Spearman Swamp Naga Apprentice Axeman Swamp Naga Axeman Swamp Naga Commander Serendia Shrine Priestess Dwarf Miner Kuku Hatchling Red Orc Red Orc Warrior Red Orc Wizard Red Orc Elite Soldier Red Orc Fighter Red Orc Berserker Scary Salamander Conch-Parasitic Bee Long Red Orc Fogan Hatchling Big Swamp Fogan Small Swamp Fogan Dastard Bheg Personal Guard Personal Escort Titium Muskan Al Rhundi Giant Mudster Org Imp Defense Tower Goblin Watchtower Fogan Archer Dugout Rebel Watchtower Cultist Stone Statue Naga Guard Tower Bandit Watchtower Imp Amulet Goblin Cauldron Goblin Giant Tower Fogan Amulet Fogan Defense Tower Fogan Food Depot Mudster Swamp Red Boar's Den Rebel Flag Cultist Flag Bandit Amulet Altar Imp Food Wagon Orc Cauldron Orc Mushroom Imp Flag Imp Altar Goblin Giant Sculpture Swamp Hermit Crab Naga Hut Rebel Barracks Thorn Tentacle Nest Fan Flamingo Nest Bandit Hut Bandit Round Hut Red Orc Hut Beehive Mountain Goat Lamb Cultist Giant Warrior Rainbow Lizard Sheep Baby Boar Altar Imp Barracks Mudster Kuku Bird Nest Rookie Soldier Scout Operation Chief Senior Soldier Grassback Crab Giant Weasel Infected Contaminated Imp Captain Bandit Warrior