Flamingo Plume Snake Skin Lion Hide Feather Wolf Hide Black Leopard Hide Gazelle Hide Griffon Feather Soft Ferri Feather Belladonna Elephant Hide Soft Hide Tough Hide Hard Hide Thin Hide Thick Fur Fancy Reptile Skin Lightweight Plume Fancy Feather Fine Soft Hide Fine Tough Hide Fine Hard Hide Fine Thin Hide Fine Thick Fur Fine Fancy Reptile Skin Fine Lightweight Plume Fine Fancy Feather Supreme Soft Hide Supreme Tough Hide Supreme Hard Hide Supreme Thin Hide Supreme Thick Fur Supreme Fancy Reptile Skin Supreme Lightweight Plume Supreme Fancy Feather Leather Glaze Sleek Leather Fire Horn Deer Blood Sheep Blood Fox Blood Rhino Blood Pig Blood Ox Blood Dinosaur Blood Lizard Blood Worm Blood Raccoon Blood Monkey Blood Weasel Blood Bear Blood Wolf Blood Waragon Blood Cheetah Dragon Blood Kuku Bird Blood Flamingo Blood Bat Blood Troll Blood Ogre Blood Cobra Blood Lion Blood Scorpion Blood Legendary Beast's Blood Tyrant's Blood Clown's Blood Sinner's Blood Wise Man's Blood Seaweed Kelp Tangleweed Agar Water Thyme Coral Piece Turban Shell Sea Anemone Green Coral Golden Coral White Coral Red Shellfish Clam Giant Pearl Oyster Lobster Cone Snail Five-Star Starfish Diamond Starfish Oyster Shrimp Roe Abalone Ocean Hermit Crab Dried Pearl Oyster Flesh Dried Lobster Dried Diamond Starfish Dried Abalone Prairie Green Coral Golden Sun Coral Breezy White Coral Golden Pearl Glue Tridana Giant Clam Shell Broken Shell Pink Tentacle Giant Sea Anemone Coral Crystal Round Head Corals Tridana Giant Clam Shellfish Oil of Regeneration Oil of Storms Oil of Fortitude Oil of Corruption Oil of Tranquility Oil of the Abyss Distilled Water Bottle of Sea Water Bottle of River Water Bottle of Turbid Water Bottle of Clean Water Purified Water Bag of Muddy Water Pepper Seed Garlic Seed Onion Seed Strawberry Seed Hot Pepper Seed Pumpkin Seed Carrot Seed High-Quality Strawberry Seed Special Strawberry Seed High-Quality Pepper Seed High-Quality Garlic Seed High-Quality Onion Seed High-Quality Hot Pepper Seed High-Quality Pumpkin Seed High-Quality Carrot Seed Special Pepper Seed Special Garlic Seed Special Onion Seed Special Hot Pepper Seed Special Pumpkin Seed Special Carrot Seed Flax Seed Halloween Pumpkin Seed