Perfect Blow Iron Fist Fury Absolute: Heavy Fist Absolute: Fist of True Strength Absolute: Triple Flying Kick Absolute: Adamantine Absolute: Sweeping Kick Absolute: Soul Basher Absolute: Ankle Hook Absolute: Deva Queen Absolute: Hidden Claw Absolute: Thunder Pound Absolute: Death Clout Absolute: Elbow Edge Absolute: Rib Crusher Absolute: Tornado Kick Absolute: Somersault Absolute: Twisted Collision Absolute: Roaring Tiger Absolute: Rage Hammer Absolute: Fist Fury Absolute: Mass Destruction Absolute: Fetter Knee Constraint Black Spirit: Roaring Tiger I Black Spirit: Roaring Tiger II Black Spirit: Roaring Tiger III Black Spirit: Roaring Tiger IV Black Spirit: Roaring Tiger V Black Spirit: Absolute: Roaring Tiger Black Spirit: Sweeping Kick I Black Spirit: Sweeping Kick II Black Spirit: Sweeping Kick III Black Spirit: Sweeping Kick IV Black Spirit: Absolute: Sweeping Kick Black Spirit: Rising Dragon I Black Spirit: Rising Dragon II Black Spirit: Rising Dragon III Black Spirit: Rising Dragon IV Black Spirit: Wave Orb I Black Spirit: Wave Orb II Black Spirit: Wave Orb III Black Spirit: Hurricane Sweep Black Spirit: Spiral Torpedo I Black Spirit: Spiral Torpedo II Black Spirit: Spiral Torpedo III Black Spirit: Sea Burial I Black Spirit: Sea Burial II Black Spirit: Sea Burial III Evasion Moondance I Moondance II Moondance III Moondance IV Moondance V Moondance VI Moondance VII Moondance VIII Moondance IX Moondance X Pendulum Kick I Flow: Pendulum Kick I Crescent Barrage I Soul Ascent I Blooming Nether Flower I Berated Ghost I Cymbidium I Three Point Stipple I Flow: Four Point Splatter Deadly Restraint I Coax Salp'uri Purge Nimbus Stride I Flow: Nimbus Stride Fragrant Stigma I Nimbus Dismount Morning Dew I Blade of Blood Furious Chase I Blade Dance I NoCommand I Eye of the Phoenix I Pendulum Cleaver I Dismemberment I Catasetum I Wind Orchid I Flow: Sacred Dance I Pendulum Kick II Pendulum Kick III Flow: Pendulum Kick II Crescent Barrage II Crescent Barrage III Crescent Barrage IV Crescent Barrage V Blooming Nether Flower II Blooming Nether Flower III Blooming Nether Flower IV Blooming Nether Flower V Blooming Nether Flower VI Berated Ghost II Berated Ghost III Berated Ghost IV Cymbidium II Cymbidium III Soul Ascent II Soul Ascent III Soul Ascent IV Three Point Stipple II Deadly Restraint II Deadly Restraint III Nimbus Stride II Nimbus Stride III Fragrant Stigma II Fragrant Stigma III Fragrant Stigma IV Morning Dew II Morning Dew III Furious Chase II Furious Chase III Blade Dance II Blade Dance III Blade Dance IV Blade Dance V Eye of the Phoenix II Eye of the Phoenix III Pendulum Cleaver II Pendulum Cleaver III Pendulum Cleaver IV Pendulum Cleaver V Dismemberment II Dismemberment III Dismemberment IV Catasetum II Catasetum III Wind Orchid II Wind Orchid III Wind Orchid IV Flow: Sacred Dance II Flow: Sacred Dance III Primrose Sprint I Primrose Sprint II Ultimate: Primrose Sprint Spring Breeze I Spring Breeze II Spring Breeze III Ultimate: Spring Breeze Ethereal Dance Moon Slash I Moon Slash II Moon Slash III