[Armor] Talis (Activation Condition) [Armor] Zereth (Skill Activation) [Armor] Zereth (Activation Condition) [Armor] Grunil Armor, Shoes (Skill Activation) [Armor] Grunil Armor, Shoes (Activation Condition) [Armor] Krea (Skill Activation) [Armor] Krea (Activation Condition) [Pearl] Treant Camouflage (Skill Activation) [Pearl] Treat Camouflage (Activation Condition) [Pearl] Splat Fisher's Clothes (Skill Activation) [Pearl] Splat Fisher's Clothes (Activation Condition) [Accessory] Ancient Weapon (Skill Activation) [Accessory] Ancient Weapon (Activation Condition) [Pearl] Desert Camouflage (Skill Activation) [Pearl] Desert Camouflage (Activation Condition) [Pearl] Karki Suit (Skill Activation) [Pearl] Karki Suit (Activation Condition) [Pearl] Venecil Dress (Skill Activation) [Pearl] Venecil Dress (Activation Condition) [Armor] Boss Set (Skill Activation) [Armor] Boss Set (Activation Condition) [Armor] Rocaba Armor, Shoes (Skill Activation) [Armor] Rocaba Armor, Shoes (Activation Condition) [Armor] Rosar (Skill Activation) [Armor] Rosar (Activation Condition) [Pearl] Canape 3-Set (Skill Activation) [Pearl] Canape 3-Set (Activation Condition) [Pearl] Canape 2-Set (Skill Activation) [Pearl] Canape 2-Set (Activation Condition) [Pearl] Da-Dum Da-Dum Diving Suit (Skill Activation) [Pearl] Da-Dum Da-Dum Diving Suit (Activation Condition) [Accessory] Helm Destroyer, Concentrated Necklace of Spells (Skill Activation) [Accessory] Helm Destroyer, Concentrated Necklace of Spells (Activation Condition) [Accessory] Grána Guardian, Oath, Harmony (Skill Activation) [Accessory] Grána Guardian, Oath, Harmony (Activation Condition) [Main/Sub-Weapon] Lemoria Set (Skill Activation) [Main/Sub-Weapon] Lemoria (Activation Condition) [Armor] Lulu's Lost Defense Armor (Skill Activation) [Main, Sub-Weapon] Loure's Lost Defense Gear (Activation Condition) Treant Costume (Weapon) - Durability Reduction -10% Treant Costume (Sub-Weapon) - Max Stamina +100 Desert Camouflage (Weapon) - Durability Reduction -10% Desert Camouflage (Sub-Weapon) - Max Stamina +100 Max Stamina +200 (Equipment) Sub-weapon of Crimson Flame (Krea) Sub-weapon of Destruction (Krea) Sub-weapon of Temptation (Krea) Sub-weapon of Agony (Krea) Sub-weapon of Enchantment (Krea) Ultimate Sub-weapon (Krea) Sub-weapon of Crimson Flame (Rosar) Sub-weapon of Destruction (Rosar) Sub-weapon of Temptation (Rosar) Sub-weapon of Agony (Rosar) Sub-weapon of Enchantment (Rosar) Ultimate Sub-weapon (Rosar) Costume (Helmet) - Vision Range Up(Canape) Costume (Helmet) - Vision Range Up(Ninja Canape) Costume (Armor + Gloves)(Canape) Costume (Armor + Gloves + Shoes)(Ninja Canape) Costume (Shoes) - Jump Height Up (Canape) [Armor] Drieghan 2,3,4 Set (Skill Activation) [Armor] Rocaba Armor, Shoes (Activation Condition) Costume (Helmet) - Discovery Range Increase Outfit (Armor + Gloves + Swimming Speed) Costume (Shoes) - Jump Height Up (Canape) Summer Set Effect (Swimming Speed) [Cash] Alchemist 2-Set (Skill Activation) [Cash] Alchemist Outfit Fruit Wine Pickled Vegetables Cheese Gratin Beer Stir-Fried Vegetables Grain Soup Fried Vegetables Fruit Juice Fruit and Vegetable Salad Fruit Pudding Soft Bread Oatmeal Exotic Herbal Wine Milk Tea Fruit Pie Meat Pie Honeycomb Cookie Ham Sandwich Cheese Pie Omelet Tea With Fine Scent Crispy Fried Vegetables Special Omelet High-Quality Cheese Pie Special Fruit Pudding Special Grain Soup Refined Oatmeal Smooth Milk Tea Thick Fruit Juice Full-bodied Exotic Herbal Wine Luscious Fruit Wine Sweet and Sour Pickled Vegetable Chewy Cheese Gratin Cold Draft Beer Crispy Stir-Fried Vegetables Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Salad Moist Milk Bread Sweet Fruit Pie Lean Meat Pie Crispy Honeycomb Cookie Premium Ham Sandwich Soft Omelet Tea with Strong Scent Steak Boiled Bird Eggs Fried Bird Meat Croquette Steamed Bird Fried Fish Steamed Fish Steamed Seafood Seafood Pasta Meat Stew Meat Sandwich Meat Pasta Smoked Fish Steak Fish Soup Seafood Mushroom Salad Stir-Fried Seafood Seafood Grilled with Butter Dark Pudding Fish Fillet Salad Meat Soup Lean Meat Salad Stir-Fried Meat Grilled Sausage Special Fish Soup Crispy Fried Fish Juicy Steak Smoked Sausage Special Stir-Fried Meat Savory Seafood Grilled with Butter Special Meat Soup Top Grade Lean Meat Salad Appealing Boiled Bird Egg Divine Fried Bird Crispy Meat Croquette Lean Steamed Fish Plentiful Steamed Fish High-Quality Seafood Pasta