Disconnected Bonus Buff Item Drop 90% Disconnected Bonus Buff Item Drop 100% Elephant Trap Activate Test Summon Bomb One-way(town) Returning Stone Summon Hwacha Summon Flame Weapon [Practice] Summon Lynch Cannon Indomitable Flag Old Moon Flare_action Old Moon Flare Summon Adventurer's Table Old Moon Flare_action Wish Lantern of Happiness Wish Lantern of Achievement Wish Lantern of Health Wish Lantern of Jackpot Wish Lantern of Joy Wish Lantern of Acceptance Wish Lantern of Well-Being Wish Lantern of Bonanza Wish Lantern of Love Wish Lantern of Amour Summon Vype Stoner Cannon [Savage] Summon Lynch Cannon Summon Summer Festival Cannon Summer Festival Diving [Savage] Medical Kit Resurrection 2 set of Oath of Grána Earring. 2 set of Harmony of Grána Ring Sacred Trio Accessories 4-Set Sacred Trio Accessories 6-Set [Set] Sacred Trio Skill Activation Requirements [Set] Sacred Trio Skill Activation [Set] Jarette Skill Activation Requirements [Set] Jarette Skill Activation Seeker's Hawk [Set] Black Eye Skill Activation Requirements [Set] Black Eye Skill Activation Skill EXP Skill EXP Skill EXP Skill EXP [Set Item] Sahazad Ring Set Trigger [Set Item] Sahazad Ring Trigger [Set Item] Saya Ring Set Trigger [Set Item] Saya Ring Trigger [Set] Blue Eye Skill Activation Requirements [Set] Blue Eye Skill Activation Combat/Skill EXP +3% Movement Speed +10% Attack Speed/Casting Speed +5% Damage from Monsters -8% Extra Damage against Monsters +12 Accuracy +10 [Event] Extra Damage against Monsters +5 [Quest Book] Combat EXP +100% [Quest Book] Skill EXP +100% [Quest Book] Life EXP +100% [Quest Book] Amity +100% [Tome] Silver Bar Gain +20% [Quest Book] A Type Combat EXP 100% [Quest Book] B Type Combat EXP 100% Storage Expansion Bundle: Duvencrune +1 Storage Expansion Bundle: Duvencrune +4 Storage Expansion Bundle: Duvencrune +8 Stable Expansion Bundle: Duvencrune +1 Worker Lodging Expansion Bundle: Duvencrune +1 Instantly gain Combat EXP Pepper-MeleeAPDecreaseCancel Garlic-RangedAPDecreaseCancel Onion-MagicAPDecreaseCancel Strawberry-MeleeDPDecreaseCancel Hot Pepper-RangedDPDecreaseCancel Pumpkin-MagicDPDecreaseCancel Grape-MeleeAccuracyDecreaseCancel Sunflower-RangedAccuracyDecreaseCancel Olive-MagicAccuracyDecreaseCancel Carrot-MeleeEvasionDecreaseCancel Tomato-RangedEvasionDecreaseCancel Paprika-MagicEvasionDecreaseCancel Sunrise Herb-MovementSpeedDecreaseCancel Silver Azalea-AttackSpeedDecreaseCancel Fire Flake Flower-CastingSpeedDecreaseCancel Dry Mane Grass-CriticalHitDecreaseCancel Silk Honey Grass-HumanAPDecreaseCancel Fortune Teller Mushroom-PoisonDamage Cancel Arrow Mushroom- BurnDamage Cancel Dwarf Mushroom -BleedingDamage Cancel Cloud Mushroom - PainDamage Cancel Sky Mushroom-MovementSpeedDecreaseCancel Tiger Mushroom-AttackSpeedDecreaseCancel Emperor Mushroom-CastingSpeedDecreaseCancel Ghost Mushroom-CriticalHitDecreaseCancel Fog Mushroom-Human AP DecreaseCancel Hump Mushroom-PoisonDamage Cancel Bluffer Mushroom-BurnDamage Cancel Ancient Mushroom-BleedingDamage Cancel Amanita Mushroom-PainDamage Cancel Wild Ginseng-StatStatusEffectCancel Truffle Mushroom-StatusEffectCancel Honey High-Quality Cooking Honey Top-Quality Cooking Honey Health EXP +100 (Quest) Strength EXP +50 (Quest) Stamina EXP +50 (Quest) Three Leaf Clover: Luck +1 Room Service: Mushroom Soup Room Service: Pasta Room Service: Steak Room Service: Curry Room Service: Grape Salad Room Service: Vegetable Salad Room Service: Special Mushroom Soup & Pasta Room Service: Special Pasta & Mushroom Soup Room Service: Special Steak & Curry Room Service: Special Curry & Steak Room Service: Special Grape Salad & Special Mushroom Soup Room Service: Special Vegetable Salad & Special Pasta [Event] Healthy Juice Effect [Event] Healthy Juice Effect [Event] Healthy Juice Effect Stir-Fried Bracken Savory Stir-Fried Bracken Ghormeh Sabzi Thick Ghormeh Sabzi Roast Mamott Golden Roast Mamott Skewered Llama Cheese Melt Spicy Skewered Llama Cheese Melt Special Drieghan Meal Energizing Cron Meal [Event] Cacao Chocolate [Event] Life Buff (30 min) [Event] Combat Buff (30 min) [Event] All EXP Buff (30 min) [Armor] Hercules' Might (Skill Activation) [Armor] Hercules' Might (Activation Condition) [Armor] Strength of Heve (Skill Activation) [Armor] Strength of Heve (Activation Condition) [Armor] Luck of Fortuna (Skill Activation) [Armor] Luck of Fortuna (Activation Condition) [Armor] Agerian (Skill Activation) [Armor] Agerian (Activation Condition) [Armor] Taritas (Skill Activation) [Armor] Taritas (Activation Condition)