Muscle Training Muscle Training Forward Slash IV Quick Heavy Strike Sideways WP Cut Charging WP Slash Upper Shield Strike I Instant Grapple Precise Thrust Chopping Kick II Successive Charging Slash I Successive Charging Slash II Apprehend Soul of Warrior War Cry I War Cry II War Cry III Exceptional Health Exceptional Mind Furious Blow Evasion Slash I Guard Heavy Strike I Spinning Slash I Charging Thrust I Ground Smash I Deep Thrust I Sideways Cut I Charging Slash I Shield Strike I Take Down I Kick Deep Thrust II Deep Thrust III Take Down II Take Down III Take Down IV Heavy Strike II Heavy Strike III Heavy Strike IV Spinning Slash II Spinning Slash III Spinning Slash IV Charging Thrust II Charging Thrust III Charging Thrust IV Ground Smash II Ground Smash III Ground Smash IV Shield Strike II Shield Strike III Upper Shield Strike II Sideways Cut II Sideways Cut III Sideways Cut IV Charging Slash II Charging Slash III Chopping Kick I Chopping Kick III Guard - Pressure 1 Guard - Pressure 2 Shield Counter Slash II Slash III Hilt Smash Slash IV Ground Slash I Ground Slash II Ground Slash III Deep Ground Slash I Deep Ground Slash II Increase Grip Awakening: Goyen's Great Sword Great Sword Training I Great Sword Training II Great Sword Training III Great Sword Training IV Great Sword Training V Great Sword Training I Great Sword Training II Great Sword Training III Great Sword Training IV Great Sword Training V Head Chase I Head Chase II Head Chase III Balance Strike I Balance Strike II Balance Strike III Flow: Hilt Strike Flow: Knee Kick Solar Flare I Solar Flare II Solar Flare III Solar Flare IV Flow: Overwhelm Flow: Slashing the Dead Great Sword Defense Flow: Armor Break Pulverize I Pulverize II Pulverize III Flow: Tempest Flow: Ankle Break Flow: Reckless Blow Grave Digging I Grave Digging II Grave Digging III Grave Digging IV Burning Moxie Executioner Merciless I Merciless II Merciless III Merciless IV Seismic Strike Frenzied Spear Shield Tide Shield Assault Absolute: Slash Absolute: Shield Counter Absolute: Heavy Strike Absolute: Spinning Slash Absolute: Charging Thrust Absolute: Ground Smash Absolute: Deep Thrust Absolute: Sideways Cut Absolute: Charging Slash Absolute: Shield Strike Absolute: Kick Absolute: Chopping Kick Absolute: Counter Absolute: Shield Charge Absolute: Piercing Spear Absolute: Frenzied Dash Absolute: Forward Slash Absolute: Scars of Dusk Absolute: Ground Slash Absolute: Deep Ground Slash Absolute: Ground Roar Absolute: Take Down Bow Skill VI Bow Skill VII Bow Skill VIII Bow Skill IX Bow Skill X Breath of the Wind Breath of the Wind