Concentrated Grain Juice High-concentrated Grain Juice Refined Grain Juice Concentrated Herbal Juice High-concentrated Herbal Juice Refined Herbal Juice Ultimate Weapon Reform Stone Ultimate Armor Reform Stone Haystack Black Stone (Weapon) Black Stone (Armor) Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Weapon) Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Armor) Standardized Timber Square Sturdy Timber Square Palm Forest Boy Collection Desert Landscape Desert Star Valencia Transparency Potion Ibellab Gunpowder Valencia Rock Salt Outlaw Textbook Ratt Lacquer Ware Oriental Saber Dim Lotus Lamp Red Kite Haso Celadon Porcelain Oriental Spice Golden Dragon Ink Slab Haso Silk Millennial Wild Ginseng Pure Gold Censer Ranger Strategic Manual: Basic Ranger Training Manual: Basic Medical Kit Delicate Ornament Atanis Musical Score Evil Spirit Rock Ancient History: Kamasylvia Travels to the East Hypocrite Vedir Fierce Battle Wolf Feather Ornament Red Old Tree Bark Mushroom Spore Sour Foretta Wild Berries Sweet Foretta Wild Berries Sunrise Herb in the Sunset Moist Dry Mane Grass Cabin Maintenance Tools Colorful Wildberry Juice Spotted Barbel Miho Spine Loach Diamond Minnow Amur Minnow Common Minnow Stumpy Bullhead Golden Siniperca Granges D'or Ranger Strategic Manual: Application Ranger Training Manual: Application Valtarra Hearthstone Ash Gray Branch Delicate Belt Ornament Weenie Looney Pharmacy Book Dew of White Wood Forest Biographies of a Great Trainer Kamasylvia Ancient Pandects Crimson Lapis Lazuli Dry Moss Tree Flondor Spring Water Sylviarona Flondor Jade Clam Acher Training Longbow Flondor Crystal Plant Lemoria Military Uniform Ataraxia : Blue [Combat] Trina Matchlock [Combat] Trina Lead Bullet Noc Ore Melted Noc Shard Noc Ingot Pure Noc Crystal Lapis Lazuli Resplendent Lapis Lazuli Indigo Lapis Lazuli Moss Tree Loopy Tree Moss Tree Plank Moss Tree Plywood Sturdy Moss Tree Plywood Loopy Tree Plank Loopy Tree Plywood Sturdy Loopy Tree Plywood Dead Tree Essence Rainbow Button Mushroom Blue Umbrella Mushroom Volcanic Umbrella Mushroom Pink Trumpet Mushroom White Umbrella Mushroom Green Pendulous Mushroom White Flower Mushroom Vedelona Purple Pink Flower Yellow Flower Sky Blue Flower Violet Flower Blue Flower Audria Saffron Hazel Tree Fruit Mimosa Stalk Oceanic Coral Adrift Ancient Weapon Old Moon Camping Anvil Emergency Ship Repair Kit Token of Desert Trading Special Honey Jar Sweet Honey Wine Fairy Trapped in a Crevice Fairy Laila Shuttles Hoppfish Oily Shiner Korean Loach Minnow Cherry Icefish Spined Loach Amur Ide Stone Moroko Amur Goby Stickleback Mori Grass Carp Black Shiner Burbot Axolotl Dried Shuttles Hoppfish Dried Oily Shiner Dried Korean Loach Dried Minnow Dried Cherry Icefish Dried Spined Loach Dried Amur Ide Dried Stone Moroko Dried Amur Goby Dried Stickleback Dried Mori Dried Grass Carp Dried Black Shiner Dried Burbot